Friday, March 30, 2012

Rick, Rick, Rick

Last night my BFF told me that he met Jay-Z at El Chilito. This "meeting" apparently happened Wednesday night whenever I flaked out on beer and tacos with JJ, Adrienne, and Sam. Of course I didn't believe him at first, but we do live in Austin and I figured it was completely possible since Jay-Z was in town a few weeks ago. I believed the sighting was even more possible when he "future lied" on behalf of Adrienne and told me to just ask her for verification.

I couldn't care less about meeting Jay-Z, but shit got real whenever I asked if a formerly overweight, 50 year old bearded man in Crocs was eating tacos with Jay-Z. John said yes!!!! The point of my story...... I WILL "unfriend" you in real life (not just in the internet world) if you meet/see/smell Rick Rubin without letting me know. Sure, I was too tired and lazy to get off my sweaty ass and bike over to tacos, but had I known Rick Rubin was there I would have been putting on makeup and teasing my hair while pedaling my tired little legs over. The heart wants what it wants and nothing (include a diabolical case of vaginal gangrene) would have stopped me from my furry, old man, hip-hop crush.

Jay-Z and Rick flying high

After spending several minutes explaining to JJ the seriousness of his offense, he admitted he was lying. In more upsetting news, I'm only three degrees of separation from Rick Rubin. Here's my flow chart:

Me with an ex, a confirmed beard enthusiast
Billy Gibbons is a friend of
Austin Facial Hair Club
Rick Rubin is producing the new ZZ Top album
Rick, Rick, Rick with LD at the Oscars. I know, I know....
we look pretty great!

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