Friday, February 3, 2012

Virtual Birthday Wish List

Last night my father called to ask what I wanted for my birthday, and I didn't have much to offer him. He even asked if I needed any clothes.... he's never seen my sweater collection. It got me thinking and here's a visual/virtual birthday wish list:

  • Sonicare toothbrush

  • A Phil Collins pillow

  • Sex and breakfast in bed with Alexander Skarsgard

A girl can dream, right?!

  • Loretta Lynn tickets

February 17th at Moody theater

Lavender filled pigeon satchels on Etsy

I DO heart pigeons! Etsy shirt

  • J Crew Saturday pants!!! These son-uva-guns sold out and I've been checking Ebay like an addict for a medium or small pair.

  • Victorian mourning hair ring (size 7)

  • What's Love Got to Do With It dvd. 

Angela Basset is my spirit actress!

  • A professional facial

  • Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation on vinyl

  • Tiffany jewelry, of course!

1837 Bead Bracelet

Sterling silver beaded chain necklace

  • The most important thing on my birthday wish list, however, is to celebrate with all of my favorite friends and loved ones. Fortunately, I know this birthday wish will be coming true!! 

Last year's birthday bingo!

In conclusion, the father asked if I needed a new bike and well, I actually do. So, today I will be narrowing down my choices online. I won't, however, sell Gloria if I get a new girl. She's just too sweet and reliable.

Gloria, all loaded up like a pack-mule

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