Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine, Schmalentine

I've never been much of a Valentine's Day fan, as it's so close to my birthday that I just lump it into another celebration. And, anytime I've had a Valentine, they usually ignore the heart day and I only get a birthday dinner. Last year, I spend the day with Gina and Topo Chico, relishing in the fact that I had just dumped my loser ex-boyfriend the day before. Surprisingly, I expected to be sad last year, but felt so vindicated. This year, I'm having a single ladies movie night! But, in the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to make a little list of Valentine's Day wishes:

  • Purrfect Date: Peter Pan mini golf with BYOB champagne straight out of the bottle. Perhaps followed by saki bombs at Jackalope, and goat cheese cake from Parkside for dessert. No dinner, just drinks and dessert, please.
  • Purrfect Movie: I'm tired of rom-coms where two friends become jaded sex partners on the premise that they don't believe in love, just to fall head over heels for each other. I'd rather see two bitter ex's who hate each other accidentally get married in Vegas and spend the rest of their lives making each other miserable.
  • Purrfect present: I think I'm a sucker for animal gifts. Give me a pigeon or a black, girl, pug puppy named Olive Chew.
  • Purrfect man: Two words: bow tie
  • Purrfect dinner: Surprise me with dinner, but be sure to tell me to dress fancy first:

  • Purrfect cards:

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