Monday, February 27, 2012

Trooper or Party Pooper

How often do I complain about my medial issues? I feel like it's incessant. Anyhow, I'd like to take this moment to apologize for being a party pooper because I've really got to vent!

This past weekend I've been out of sorts. I take a handful of pills daily to help with the 4 autoimmune disorders I have. Normally I feel fine with the occasional muscle and/or joint pain that interferes with an active day. This past week I've been out of two of my daily medications and have been a little stubborn about refilling them, only because I'm waiting for payday to make the $262.50 leap. This weekend I was a reclusive brat and, besides an all morning ladies pre-wedding shopping trip with Beth and Gina, I spent most of my weekend in bed watching terrible Lifetime movies. I also went out for corn and margaritas with Stayten and Julia!

I'm absolutely shocked with how much of a difference my medication makes in my life. I was having some control issues about my condition and sort of thought 'just saying no' to medication was an option, but now I realize it actually isn't. I'm miserable! My chest feels like a 300lb man is sitting on it, my legs feel as weak as spaghetti, my muscles are so sore, my hips feels like they're stretched to their breaking point, and my mouth is so dry that the inside of my lips feel like velvet. It's very upsetting to learn how dependent I am on medication, and I've just refilled my pills.

My most needed medication, which works by interfering with nerve impulses to reduce muscle pain, would be $663.05 without medical insurance! Thankfully, I have great medical coverage, but it is upsetting to think that there are people out there who wouldn't be able to feel the relief that I do.

In related news: I fully support medical marijuana and you should too!

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