Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

  • I have single pieces of confetti showing up in strange places throughout my house: kitchen floor, underwear drawer, Cecilia's tummy fur. I like to think that I have a cosmic pen-pal and this is her way of spreading random acts of cheer.
  • I'd like it if the television show, Hoarder's would show us what their cars look like. There's a Ford Bronco that parks on campus that is so full of papers, trash, and clothing that there is only enough room carved out for the driver to fit and I always think, "that person must have a hoarder house, too." 
  • Yay, I have a party dress for my birthday!
  • I've been missing out on TV for a good amount of years and last night I saw Al Sharpton for the first time in a long time. Man, has he lost some weight; at least 40lbs.


  • Last night, while in the middle of watching TLC's, My 600 pound Life, my recently discovered free cable disappeared. I felt like a born-again virgin; I just got a taste of the sweet stuff and then it was taken away from me.
  • My new tattoo is healing and currently looks like a cancerous, scabby mole on my forearm.
  • Yesterday I didn't get my mail and I called to complain. Chris the mailman called me on my cell phone to apologize and said that he had the day off. Um, I thought my mail was supposed to come every day except Sunday!
  • How are baby carrots born? Watch this video for details:

If you are interested in reading about how upset I am about the Susan G. Koman Foundation removing grant funding from Planned Parenthood:
  • I, personally, am thoroughly pissed off that the Susan G. Koman Foundation has caved under conservative pressure and removed grant funding from Planned Parenthood. While I currently have amazing health insurance, that hasn't always been the case and PP has been my primary provider many times throughout my adult life. Four years ago this month, I was screened and treated for cervical cancer. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing doctor, but considering the 7+ years I have relied on Planned Parenthood for annual screenings, I feel that they have played a major role in my overall health. I've been donating money on a monthly basis since March 2011, with the strong believe that I am helping other women who aren't blessed with the benefit of health insurance. I encourage you to do the same and you can here
  • 97% of all funding for Planned Parenthood goes to support healthcare related services, such as breast and cervical cancer screenings, annual well-woman exams, birth control, sexual education, and the treatment of STDs and UTIs. Only 3% of funding goes to abortion-related services. Yesterday I read this comment on Facebook: "it's a heartbreaking enough issue for us that, despite the fact that PP provides other services, the fact that they provide abortions simply cannot be overlooked or passively condoned. It's an imperfect analogy I know, but it's the best I can come up with: imagine a political candidate who is everything you've ever hoped for as far as taxes, foreign policy, etc. Except for one issue: they support a return to racial segregation." Um.... yeah, like all politicians DO support racial segreation about 3%. (that's a joke, folks)

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