Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday's Mayhem

  • I would just like to take this moment to vent about how much I hate Twilight. I've been pining hard over J. Crew's "Saturday Pants", which are essentially fancy sweat pants. I LOVED them when they first came out, but didn't want to spend $98 on sweats, so I figured I would take my chances and find a pair on eBay. (I essentially do this with everything I want because I'm a cheapskate). Well, they sold out in stores and I can't find anything but an XS or XL on eBay. After further research, I've discovered that the Saturday Pants were featured in Twilight and worn by Bella, causing a shopping sensation amongst tweens. 

  • I honest to goodness just wrote, "wash hair (or at least bangs)" on my list of things to do tonight. Ugh, I'm a mess.
  • This weekend I felt like I was being holla'd at a lot:

  • I've been swamped at work lately with grant season. I was at the office until 7:30 Friday night and had to argue to convince the bossman that I didn't need to work on Saturday. After coming into the office at 6:30 this morning, everything has been submitted and I can finally breath. YAY!
  • Last night Pam and I made birthday yarmulkes. They turned out great! I'm getting very excited about my party!
Gretta wants a kitty-sized yarmulka!

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