Monday, February 13, 2012

Mitzvah to the Max

Saturday night was the best birthday party of my life and I am including my 6th birthday in which my mum made a heart shaped cake. It was an absolutely purrfect party! 

This is what I look like holding 50 balloons

I rented out my favorite lesbian dive bar, Bernadette's and bought the bar like Jay-Z; free drinks for everyone. Some of my favorite friends drove in from Houston, Dallas, and Denton and even Jessica commented that it felt like there was so much love in the air. I have the most amazing friends! Oh I love my friends, I love my life, I'm so excited to be where I am and who I am. This is going to be the best year ever!

With the lovely Lela! I adore this girl!

Matt played DJ and kept the party hopping all night long. Even Whitney Houston couldn't steal my thunder by dying, and we had an I Want to Dance With Somebody tribute. My 30 best girlfriends (minus the mom of a sickie baby, Letty, and sickies Katie and Amanda) wore rhinestone yarmulkes to stick with my Bar/Bat Mitzvah theme and I tried, drunkenly and unsuccessfully, to honor them and all the support they give me in a pre-toast speech.  

Bedazzled yarmulkes with Pam's Gretta looking on

Julia made my favorite cake: spiced apple with goat cheese frosting. There wasn't enough to go around for everybody, but I also witnessed Tofte going back for thirds. Alison constructed the most beautiful champagne glass tower!!! I think she needs to put that feat on her resume. There's video of the water run-through, which I will post shortly. 

The beautiful Alison with glasses of liquid gold
Andre for everybody!

Pam did my hair and make up and I decided to go sans glasses at the last minute. I think I might be needing some contacts, because I am overwhelmed with how many compliments I got. I'm a pretty girl!! Finding a party dress felt like a nightmareish task that I did NOT have the will for, so instead I rented a designer cocktail dress on the cheap from Rent The Runway. It's my new favorite secret. Well, it was until Jamie blogged about it to all of Dallas: Cheapskate's Guide to Designer Fashion

... no comment!

Beth and the boys did a great job of supporting me during the hora/chair dance. This was certainly on my bucket list, but now that I've experienced it, I don't want to do it ever again! Thank god I remembered to keep my legs together and nobody saw my panties.

Beth, Nay Nay, Screaming LD, Alex, and Dustin

Presents, presents, presents!!! I got so many presents, y'all! Oh, and you guys know me well. Thirty roses from Adrienne, a dozen more from Amy, a beautiful silver pigeon from Bridget along with framed portrait of her kitty Augie (who has stolen my heart, that handsome boy), a breathtaking portrait of a Capuchin pigeon from Audra, delicious ginger snaps, adorable kitty cat frame, you know what from Tofte along with the purse-sized hair brush I asked for, bottles and bottles of wine, scratch offs, cash money, mas musica from Jamie, a lovely ring from Gina, and a SonicCare toothbrush from Jacob. I'm a spoiled girl!!! Julia gave me a stuffed, knit pidge that I've named Julius. He's my new snuggle buddy!

Post party cuddle with Julius

My number one goal of the night was to make sure that everybody had a blast. It was a success and my phone is still vibrating off the hook with all the "best party I've been to in years." I think it's fair to say that my tax refund has never paid for anything more spectacular. Thank you to everybody for making my 30th party one I'll always remember. 

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