Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bye, Bye Birthday!

Sheesh, I've felt over-celebrated for this entire week and now.... bye, bye birthday! This morning my Valentine's Day hugging birthday girl Stayten texted me, "Happy thank GAWD birthdays and valentines days are over Day!!!!!!!" and I hear ya sista. Last night Beth, Emily J., Gina and I had oysters and champagne at Parkside followed by saki bombs at Jackalope with Jacob, and that was the FINAL birthday celebration I will attend. This has, by far, been the best birthday ever!

In other birthday news, tomorrow begins the string of February birthday celebrations.... Amy's 30th birthday party on Friday, Cutie Katie's 30th curry dinner and dancing fest on Saturday followed by temptress Tofte's birthday hullabaloo, Sunday night drinks in honor of Andrea's pre-valentine's birth, and Monday starts off the week with a grilling pot-luck in honor of sweet Elizabeth. Man alive, there were a lot of awesome gals born in February.

Tonight, I stay home!!!! Words cannot express how excited I am to do nothing. It's been a very full and busy week and I haven't even washed my hair since last Friday! Soup, sweatpants, movie, and bubble bath are all that's on my list for the evening. Afterall, I have a big weekend of birthday parties and tomorrow night Emily J. and I will be going to Fist City!

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