Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Three lovely ladies are having birthday parties on Saturday, the 18th! Firstly, that means I'm going to look like a lottery addict while buying their scratch-off presents. Secondly, if anybody is interested in Hyde Park bicycle party hopping with me..... it should be a blast!

Oh man, last night Julia and I went to PUNCH! at Cap City. Unfortunately, Audra was not in tow to share or traditional pina coladas. However, Karen joined us and fell right into line with our routine, (including our Green Monster after party at Bar Flys) I love all my ladies!

I wore a cute summer dress yesterday (and last night) that I "wintered-up" with a red cardigan. Wow, that outfit was a hit! At lunch JJ told me that my boobs looked nice in it, a man last night at Cap City say, "that thing you're doing... the sweater and dress.... it works!", and last night as Karen, Julia, and I were leaving Bar Flys a dude said, "Did you see the exit sticks on that chick." Ha, exit sticks!

I'll be thirty in one week!! I'm pretty damn excited and that feels amazing. Jacob's getting me a Sonicare for my birthday! Eeeek, I'm happy. This is going to be the best birthday ever. Also, I think I found the new bike I want:

And here's some Lykki Li:

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