Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm a sentimental girl, and have lots of dates and thoughts running through my head frequently. February is a huge month for me, in terms of memories and anniversaries.

  • 30 years ago this month I was born.
  • 4 years ago tomorrow, I met the man who I mistook for the love of my life.
  • 1 year ago next week I ended that relationship.
  • 1 year ago, on this day, I was in the hospital and had a rude awakening to who did/did not care about my well being.
  • 1 year ago this month, I reconnected with my real father, who had been absent from my life for several years.
  • 1 year ago this month, I learned that I'm not the most important person in my life, but rather, the people who love me share that role with me. 

I'm a sentimental, sappy girl, but I feel so fortunate for all the amazing people in my life and think it's so important that they know how much I love them. With all my memories and anniversaries, it's a happy coincidence that February hosts Valentine's Day, and that it's completely appropriate to send my friends sweet little messages of love! I LOVE Y'ALL!

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