Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Young Until I Die

Yesterday marks what would have been Karen's 30th birthday. I had concerns that the day would come with a wave of emotions, but it was as lovely as she was. Well, the weather was shit, but my ladies made it sunny in my heart.

Beth, Jessica, Gina, and I indulged in pizza for lunch. Surprisingly, we took longer than our standard Friday beer lunches, but it was nice to just joke around mid-day with my girlies on a gloomy Monday.

After work, Gina drove like a bat out of hell through the traffic and rain chauffeuring Beth and I to my new favorite shady tattoo parlour on the east side of town, Shades of Grey. The owner, Arnoldo is a super sweet adorable man who tattoos nipples onto breast cancer patients who've had reconstructive surgery. I got a heart-shaped freckle tattoo on my arm to commemorate Karen's 30th, which was my early 30th birthday gift from Beth! Beth also documented the event:

Arnoldo explaining the shading of freckles!

It's the tiniest tattoo I have, yet I was still nervous 

My 'root canal' face while waiting

Okay, so it's bigger than a freckle, but smaller than a dime.

Afterwards we got some beers, cheese, and sausage at Easy Tiger and then shared a bottle of champagne at my house. Thank you ladies, for making it such a lovely day! Now, just to keep it together for my own 30th birthday.

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