Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Review

It was another beautiful weekend here in Austin!

Friday night was Catherine's big 'zero' birthday. We had a nice gathering at her house with delicious foods and good company. I was exhausted from a busy week at the offices, and was home and in bed before midnight. I'm loving my early Friday nights!

Saturday morning Jessica and I made a Blue Hanger run. As usual, I made out pretty well. I'm still paranoid from my bedbug fiasco last October, so I've left my BH loot outside until I can take the clothes to the laundromat and heat the hell out of them in a dryer. I'm sure I'm overreacting, but exterminating Satan's minions was fodder enough to never allow used clothes into my home without precaution. Jessica discovered a beautiful kelly green, mustard yellow, and black paisley-ish/peacock fabric that I fell in love with and bought. I can't wait to re-cover some furniture with it.

After our hectic morning of shopping we had lunch at Kome. Mmmmm, it was really delicious and they have pretty good lunch specials. Yay, for Yoshi sushi so close to my house.

JJ and I spent about 4 hours in his apartment "recording studio" working on my birthday song. Like I've said before, Julia and I rewrote the words to Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend and I want to make my own 30th birthday music video ala Kris Jenner:

I'm at a loss for words on how to describe our result. JJ did an amazing job using recording tricks and auto-tuning, yet I still sound absolutely terrible. I think to describe my singing voice as a piglet screaming while being eaten by an alligator who is roaring because he is slowly being pushed through a rusty meat grinder might be the closest to the shrill, piercing, and strangely guttural noises that came out of my mouth. It was a pretty humbling experience and I learned that I may be the worst singer alive. I'm still torn on whether or not I'm going to complete this project, but I had so much fun recording with JJ on Saturday that even if I stop here it was worth it.

I'm a terrible singer, y'all

Saturday night was the much anticipated Beerland benefit show in Esme's honor and for Ray's birthday. The Royal Butchers, Golden Boys, Crack Pipes and Ted Leo played. I actually didn't even know who Ted Leo was, but hell... I loved the other guys so it worked out for me. Here's a photo from the night of Beth, Bridget, and me looking flash-faced and milky pale.

Beth, LD, Bridget

Sunday morning Alison, Aaron, Emily J., Jacob, Julia, and Sam came over and we had a little brunch in honor of Karen's birthday. It was really nice to just have everybody over and to munch on the strangest combinations of brunch foods: Taco Bell bean burritos, pickled green beans, bloody Mary's, cheap champagne, veggie sausages, and cake; all of her favorites. I was still feeling some pain from my Saturday night's fun and spent the rest of day napping and watching basketball.

By far, the most amazing thing that happened this weekend was my whimsical purchase of a co-axial cable. Since receiving my new, amazing, huge, super awesome TV from JJ, I've been wondering what would happen if I screwed it into the cable outlet on the wall. Guess what?! I have cable, and lots and lots of it. I'm a little overwhelmed since I haven't wanted or even had a real TV for a handful of years. I'm pretty damn excited about all the Lifetime movies and basketball I'm going to be watching in my PJs!

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