Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I was a big, 'ole brat last Thursday, yet still met up with Alison, JJ, Aaron, Natalie, and Emily J. for some post work beers. Even the good company couldn't un-pout me and I went home afterwards and threw a 2 hour tantrum. As ridiculous as it was, I think a tantrum was all I really needed to push through some of my sadness. Afterwards, I started thinking of ways to celebrate what would have been Karen's 30th birthday. Our displaced League City gang is going to have a nice little brunch, champagne toast, and I'm going to get a sweet little heart tattoo on my finger in her honor.
  • Friday night turned into an impromptu best friend bonding fest. JJ and I started out the night drinking beers on my roof and spent some time with Julia, Stayten, and more beers before rushing off to a last minute massage appointment. Boy, oh boy, did we need massages!

That's me with Austin in the background

JJ at the peak

  • Look at these awesome Swamp Thing earrings I bought from the corner mart for $6.99

Swamp Bling

  • Saturday morning's date with Julian was unbelievably boring! Not only did he not know what a mimosa was, we actually spent most of the date just looking at the pictures on my cell phone. How can someone soooo pretty be such a bore! Gina and Karen saved the rest of my Saturday with a booze cruise bike ride and I rounded out my night with Pam and Wells for some delicious savory nibbles at their house followed by tons of laughs at Iron Gate.
  • Sunday morning I bought an amazing pair of lady's cowboy boots at the pawn shop! I couldn't believe they were my size and absolutely gorgeous; black, hand-made and only $40!

  • 9 hours of ladies brunch with Andre, Beth, Bridget, and Gina on Sunday. We started at Contingo, nearly killed an entire bottle of vodka at Yellow Jacket, and then wrapped up the night crashing the boys' football party at Eric's house. I don't even have to say it, but I love my girls!

Contigo's smoked salmon with dilled goat cheese spread,
fried capers, and a pickled egg!

Bridget and mwah acting bored at Yellow Jacket

The sun has set, but we're still brunching!
LD, Andre, Gina, Bridget, and Beth

Andre and Gina showing us their ballet moves

Bridget, Andre, Beth, LD, Gina

  • All the fun I had this weekend didn't go unpunished. I'm feeling terrible and had to get another round of steroid shots today. It's pretty frustrating and I'm super sore, but most importantly I'm just fed up with being a sicky baby. In November I got 12 shots in my chest, hip, shoulder and wrist and I kept humming Bon Jovi. This time around, I threw my doctor for a curve ball and was humming, Shots, Shots, Shot, Shot, Shots! You've got to make light of the stuff you can't change, I guess. so I'm going to keep planning my medical malady soundtrack. 

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