Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

-I just bought yarmulkes for my 30th birthday Bar Mitzvah! If anybody is interested in bedazzling them with me, don't be shy. I'm very excited, but forgot to get one for myself. I guess this just means I have more time to explore custom options, like this one for example on Etsy:

-Last night Julia and I played 8th grade girls and rewrote the lyrics to Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend for a Robyn/Kris Jenner tribute birthday video I'm going to make for my 30th. It's was surprisingly harder than I thought considering we rewrite songs all the time to be about cats. My favorite part was when Julia told me my thinking face was pretty. Maybe that was why I was so popular in college

-Sometime between Halloween and New Year's I went from being skinny enough for my thighs to stop touching to my current state: having muffin tops in my fatty jeans. Damn you, holiday weight! I've got to get back ASAP.

-I am pretty serious about wanting to start a Selena cover band, but mainly because I want to dress up like Selena. She was so pretty, y'all

-I got my tax information today and I'm so excited to start my taxes. Eeeeep, I love taxes!

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