Friday, January 13, 2012

Tidbits for Friday!

-It's wedding date time again! Beth and Matt will be getting married in March and so starts the search for a wedding date. After flying solo with Audra at Pam's wedding, I'm thinking that I would prefer going alone or with another guest/friend who is flying solo as well. If I do procure a date, I'd like him to wear a bow tie, dance with me all night long, and make out in a coat closet. Over nine months ago I told my Jersey boy, 3Gs, that he had to be my date, but apparently he has a GF now and they will be flying in together for the celebration. Hmmm, maybe I'll just ask Greg Cartwright instead:

-Idiosyncrasy of the day:
I get so upset at the idea of snails being crushed. If I step on something that goes crunch under my feet, my heart is wrenched and I fear looking down to see a smashed snail shell. One time this happened and I was distraught until I finally looked and realized it was a Cheeto and not a slimy friend. Last week there was a gloriously big, shiny snail in Julia's driveway and I was terrified that she would run him over, so she parked in the street (that's what friends are for, right?!). This morning, once again, I had the snail crushing fear, but the victim of my boot was just an acorn. Enough is enough and I've officially decided that I needed to get some help; perhaps hypnotherapy? Well, I think I can hypnotize myself, sort of.... I made up this story that I am learning to believe as a way to ease my crushed snail anxiety! Here goes:
Sequins are only made whenever a snail is stepped on. People love sequins! They're so shiny and beautiful! In fact, many snails dream of dying and becoming sequins in their future lives. 
Oh, sequins and snails..... I smile and my fear is gone.

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