Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Esme

It was a weekend for Esme:

Friday night I worked the door for a music extravaganza benefitting Esme's family. I was so overjoyed by the hundreds of familiar faces that showed up throughout the night. We easily made close to $5,000 at the door alone, which brings tears of joy to my eyes. I can only imagine the funds that have been raised in Esme's honor and it warms my heart. There was a silent auction and I bought a tattoo gift certificate donated by my wonder tattoo artist, Billy Baca, and I can't wait to get my sweet little kitty cat pinup that will now have some sentimental purpose associated with it:

The memorial service was held yesterday at Fiesta Gardens with easily 300 people in attendance, and words cannot express how lovely the ceremony was. We truly lost an amazing, vivacious woman, but I get goosebumps at the thought of how much good will be perpetuated in her honor. Wes wrote and played a beautiful song, and it still amazes me when I think of the fact that he was actually able to play the entire way through without breaking down. Girls Rock Camp members (past and current) played in the world's largest all female band (40+ members) called Esme Berrera Fan Club. There wasn't a dry eye in the audience at their version of the Rolling Stones' She's a Rainbow.

She's a Rainbow was played at Karen's funeral as well, and I don't think that song will every play without a hole tearing in my heart. Beautiful girls, beautiful, whole-hearted girls.... I do, however, feel much more comfortable with turning 30. I can't help feeling like I have to pass this milestone with grace for two outstanding women that didn't get to this year. Karen and Esme would both have been 30 in 2012. I'll be celebrating for the 3 of us for sure.

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