Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Secret

Over the Christmas break, my mum told me that I needed to make a list of all the qualities I want in a soulmate so the universe will know what to create for me. She said I should include even the smallest detail like, "I don't want him to ever wear yellow socks." This was exactly like all the other metaphysical advice my mum has given me throughout my life, so I was a little shocked to learn from Sally and Audra this past Sunday that it was, in fact, Oprah's advice from some self-help guru she's hawking, The Secret. So, being that I love lists so much, I quickly adhered to the universe's guidelines and made my list of 100(ish) things I'd like to find in a partner.

  1. Likes me
  2. While playing ping-pong, he'd rather hear the sound of the ball bouncing on the rackets/table from back and forth play, than beat me.
  3. Not afraid of PDA
  4. Doesn't hit me
  5. Doesn't raise his voice to me
  6. Isn't rude to strangers
  7. Even-tempered
  8. Open and self-reflective with emotions
  9. When I'm scared, he doesn't call me a baby or think I'm being melodramatic
 10. Likes animals
 11. Kind-hearted
 12. Wants to adventure with me
 13. Cooks
 14. Owns a home
 15. Car and bike
 16. Reads
 17. Someone I LOVE to kiss
 18. Enjoys junk shops
 19. Music lover
 20. Will dance
 21. The type of guy that would be willing to wear a bow-tie and could enjoy it
 22. Not allergic to nuts or cats
 23. Some sort of furry softness
 24. Okay with illness
 25. Doesn't think my food/drink issues are issues
 26. Likes to talk with me
 27. Compatible body temperatures
 28. Likes trying new things just as much as the tried and true
 29. Snuggler
 30. Likes watching movies
 31. Generous
 32. Caring towards me and knows how to comfort me
 33. Not opposed to owning pigeons, chickens, goats, or cats
 34. Goes out with the boys and let's me go out with my girlZ
 35. Loves his family
 36. Likes my family
 37. Enjoys group events
 38. Tells me, "I love you"
 39. Compatible sense of humor
 40. Stable job
 41. Willing and able to a commit
 42. My partner in crime
 43. We travel well together
 44. Let's me cry
 45. Has a healthy sexual appetite and likes morning sex
 46. Supportive of my goals
 47. Let's me pee outdoors
 48. Is fun
 49. Doesn't have a specialized diet with restrictions i.e. vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian
 50. Likes the outdoors and the sun
 51. Can play guitar with Richard
 52. Wants me to win just a little but more than he wants to beat me
 53. Jokes around and pokes fun with me
 54. I want him to give me something that I never even knew I was missing (thanks Robyn)
 55. Is passionate about something
 56. Good with time management and not over committed
 57. Thinks I'm sexy and/or gorgeous
 58. Is proud of, and not jealous of me
 59. Good gift giver
 60. Someone who feels grateful
 61. Not driven by fame
 62. Smart
 63. Attractive
 64. Decent dresser or willing to "clean up nice"
 65. Affectionate
 66. Tells me that I look nice whenever he knows that I've tried
 67. Loves me
 68. Treats me to nice things on special occasions
 69. Garden friendly
 70. Likes my friends
 71. Would be willing to Halloween in a couples' costume
 72. Handy man and helps around the house/does chores
 73. Creative
 74. Doesn't think I'm fat
 75. Someone who wants a smart, funny, and self-aware woman
 76. Has a good memory
 77. Trusting
 78. Trustworthy
 79. Organized
 80. Not opposed to marriage
 81. Has a talent
 82. Legible handwriting
 83. Won't scold me in public
 84. Enjoys some aspect of sports
 85. Is neutral about having kids
 86. Provides moral support for me
 87. Likes going out and staying in just about the same (50/50)
 88. Remembers the first time he met/saw me
 89. Appreciates me
 90. Surprises me
 91. Someone I can be proud of
 92. Confident
 93. Has a nice laugh
 94. Not a miserable person
 95. Sharing
 96. Non-smoker(ish)
 97. Kisses me goodbye every morning
 98. Doesn't take advantage of peoples' weaknesses
 99. Understands the difference between venting and asking for advice
100. Okay with the fact that I play hooky at work sometimes
101. Doesn't want to stick and ice pic in my eye socket when I say hello to stray animals (not a joke, this is how my ex felt)

Perhaps the list thing is working? The boys at the bus stops have been hitting on me hardcore lately and I even have a date! (Very cute social worker with Snoop Dogg-esque, old-school, long afro that I'm dying to braid and meets my #23 furry softness requirement.)

Here's a pic of the real deal as posted on my bathroom cabinets:

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