Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Wrap-Up

My Christmas was much better than I was bracing myself for. I spent the holidays in Houston with my family and many cats.

Christmas Eve was exciting with my mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law, Auntie Priss, nephew, and niece. We had a delicious lamb dinner and presents on Christmas Eve. The girdle gift I was terrified about turned out to be a lovely spanx slip that is actually pretty enough to be worn without embarrassment. All my complaining about it beforehand hurt my mum's feelings. I got other lovely slips from Auntie Priss and the most delicious apple pie flavored moonshine from my brother-in-law. It had a lovely time with the family.

Stuart under Mum's tree

Crazy aunt Lola with Audrey

with my Stevie P.

On Christmas Day I drove to my father's house and watched the Dallas Mavericks lose in a terrible game against the Miami Heat. It was a disappointing day for basketball, but we drank pomegranate martinis and enjoyed each other's company. I fell in love with his cat Max, who is absolutely gorgeous and sweet to snuggle with. I also got another great present: a set of Kyocera ceramic knives. I actually cut myself with it last night and didn't even bleed, they're that sharp.

Brother Max

My plans to move Jamie up to Dallas didn't pan out and I ended up spending the rest of the week in Austin catching up on chores, watching lots of movies, and doing some dog sitting.

The nose of the beast: Henry 'Pony' LaRoche

Topo Chico in his sweatshirt

I think I would have to say, in terms of gifts, that this was the most amazing Christmas ever. I got a beautiful Tiffany bracelet, fancy knives, a gallon of moonshine, 3 great calendars (and I'll use every one!), Marcel the Shell book, sweet homemade and crafted items that show caring, and a giant flat screen TV! Seriously, I must have been very, very good this year. Thank you to the friends and family that love me!

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