Thursday, January 5, 2012


What I wanna do in Two-Zero-One-Two 
I suppose this is a New Year's resolution list of sorts, but I just like making lists of annual goals that correspond with the year. Well, at least since we've been in the 2000's.

 1.  Write down all of my mind movies
 2.  Finish my writing project AKA 'novel'
 3.  Finally, pay off my credit card debt. After 5 years, I'll be out after my birthday!
 4.  Don't have people in my life just to "have a body" there
 5.  Be as excited about 30 as I was about 18
 6.  Spend time with a loved one daily
 7.  Requisite resolution that we all seem to make annually: lose 10 pounds
 8.  Finally record that children's album before all the babies in my life grow up
 9.  Listen just as much as I talk
10. Travel to Oakland and San Francisco
11. Teach more cats how to sit. Stayten and I've got Merlin sitting for cat treats!
12. Learn how to let my past make me better, and not bitter
13. And one to grow on... make at least 1 piece of art this year

And now, some fun advice inspired by the following song. You might change the way other people feel about you, but that sure as hell doesn't change who you are. Being me and lovin' it since 2011, y'all!

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