Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My eleven favorite things from 2011

 1. Dumping my loser ex-boyfriend

Treat me like shit, and you get the axe!

 2. Stayten coming into our lives

Stayten and Merlin

 3. Beth moving to Austin

With Beth at Mohawk

 4. My new teeth!!

 5. Finally getting off steroids and medically stabilizing

With Gina, Beth and Bridget in the background.
My big, fat, steroid face in the foreground

 6. Reconnecting with my father after years of not speaking to each other

Sister, father, LD

 7. Watching one of my best friends, Pam, marry her best friend Wells.

Wells and Pam Dunbar

 8. Summertime at Austin's premier beach with AT, JJ, Emily J., Jacob, Gina...

Gina in the water

 9. Rediscovering the girlfriends that I never seemed to have enough time for whenever I had a BF

Gina, Beth, Heather, Jamie, LD at SXSW

10. VEST FRIENDS comedy troupe (why don't we have a group photo?!)

With Audra, but minus Jamie and Julia

11. Living an entire year without a car!

My bike loaded up with laundry

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