Monday, January 2, 2012

100lbs of Pure Heart

The first homicide in Austin of 2012 was a beautiful, vivacious, and exceptional woman named Esme Barrera. I feel honored to have been able to call her my friend. She was such a tiny girl, but every ounce of her makeup was pure sweetness. In the short amount of time that I knew her, I remember only ever seeing one frown on that kind face and even that was only because she was sick. Nevertheless, she still got out of bed, ate burgers with Gina, JJ, Jessica and I, and giggled and laughed. She had a passion for life you only see in the movies. This summer I was fortunate enough to meet Esme's mother and quickly learned where that sparkle came from. We've lost an amazing woman, y'all. Please help her family with funeral expenses by donating whatever you can:

Esme, I wish you could see all the outpouring of love your death has brought. I think you'd be shocked to see how many lives you touched in just 29 years. I'm going to miss talking about cute boys with you and replacing bad words with "cuss". This isn't cussing fair to have to lose you in such a horrible way. The last time I saw you you told me life wouldn't be the same without Emo's. I don't think Austin music will ever quiet be the same without you. Love, love, love...

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