Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

I had a great weekend y'all and I'm just now catching up from it.

I had several things I wanted to do Friday night, but ended up going with the most pressing... BBC and I had been trying to connect since he got back from tour and I've been very aloof. I didn't want to say 'no' yet again. So, off I went to Emo's with Stayten after having some beers at her house with Julia. I was still feeling pretty awful due to arthritis and didn't really want to spend Friday night out, so I stayed for his set and then went home. BBC has such sweet eyes.

Okay, so there must have been something in the air Friday night! Perhaps I was dishing out a major dose of pheromones, but dudes were coming out of the woodwork. I'm completely smitten with Eric and have rescinded all of my crushes, but seriously.... I was shocked by the confessions I got Friday night and yet again overwhelmed with dating. I'm not sure if I was on certain peoples' bucket list or if they're just confident enough to tell me about their desires, but I'm not really looking to add any dudes to my dance card. That being said *wink, wink* I was feeling like pretty hot shit Friday night.

Tacos Saturday morning with JJ, Alison, Aaron, Emily J., and Eric. I saw a Mazaratti, Eric and JJ planned a Beta fish fighting circuit, I started early with beers, and then was off to work at the football game. Thankfully it was the last home game of the season and now I get all my Saturdays to myself! Once again, something must have been in the air because the game was full of incidents. There was a fist fight, a drunken slob hitting on me and then crying afterwards, someone had an epileptic fit and was somehow stabbed, and there was a heart attack. The heart attack actually really upset me. I had to run through a crowd of people pushing like a linebacker to get to the medic, but the man survived and the adrenaline was kind of exciting.

Saturday night was Audra's going away party at Anne's house. I don't think I've had that much fun in so long! Stayten, Eric, and I went together and many of my favorite people were there. Look at this amazing sculpture of Audra and her kitty Pee Wee that Anne made from Rice Crispies:

Anne is something else! I've met her a couple of times, but fell in love with her Saturday night. She let me borrow 1 of her 30 nail polishes and it's a beautiful grey purple color very similar to Audra's cotton candy hair in the image above. Also, we were casually talking about how I collect hair and she ran off and came back with her Great Aunt Noolie's Victorian hair receiver set and wrapped it up as a gift for me!

Sunday was a rough day for me. We partied at Anne's until 6:30 in the morning and I was nursing my hangover until Monday night! Eric and I had breakfast at Chapala, which I've avoided for far too long. I had my usual para los ninos verde cheese enchilada with a side of iceburg lettuce covering the entire plate even though we went for pancakes; YUMMY! And then, I crashed for 3 hours, ugh.... Sunday was a total bust with about 13 hours of sleeping, but I wouldn't change a thing because partying with my girl one more time before she moves was great!

Audra, don't go bitch!

Jamie's Hallmark cake

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