Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend in Review

Friday I had a blast with Beth, Gina, Jacob, and the girls at one of the last shows at Red River's Emo's with the Golden Boys, Crack Pipes, and Tav Falco. I had a rough week and really wanted to let loose, but didn't play too and hard finished my night with Eric, who stayed in Friday night to play grandpa and read Lonesome Dove. 

Saturday morning was divine! I drank early morning beers with JJ and then Julia while I tried to make my way home from Eric's. I wasn't very persistent and ended up spending the day with Gina and the doggies watching hammer choirs, eating BBQ, and drinking delicious beers. Julia and I were supposed to celebrate Audra's new job with some lady kareoke, but instead of getting rad with the gals, we stayed in and got lame. I took refuge at Alison, Julia, and Stayten's and slept on their couch with the handsome Merlin. His snuggles surely rivaled those of my Friday night's bedmate.
Merlin's morning mug

Sunday involved a lot of home prep work for my Monday extermination mixed in with play time. JJ and I grabbed some morning beers, hit up the Hope Farmer's Market (which I disliked very much), and wrapped up our hangout with more beers. I skipped out on EAST and chicken shit bingo with Ashley and Matt to finally watch Bridesmaids with Julia and Stayten. Afterwards Julia and I went to an impromtu Vest Friends meeting at Audra's. Damn, I love those girls! We're planning our debut/farewell performance so mark your calendars (if we ever follow through).

I had a really rough time sleeping Sunday night and I saw the first live bedbugs at my house. It was disheartening, so I just read in the bathtub and drank beer from 3am-8am. It also didn't help that the Vest Friends watched this video and I couldn't stop imagining the rape sex taking place in my home:

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