Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

My Friday night was as productive and effective as I had hoped it would be. Actually, I accomplished even more than what was on my list and my house looks amazing! The nicest part about Friday evening was having Eric come over just to watch me organize my clothes and chitty-chat. I am absolutely dumbfounded by an Austin man who isn't wrapped up in the party life, doesn't keep a second home at the bar, and won't skip from one "scene" to another trying to make sure he has a chance to see all of his 200+ 'friends.' And it isn't that Eric isn't as social as every other party boy I know, it's just that he doesn't feel the need for mass love, superficial approval from being "on the list", or requiring some form of social acceptance based on how many grey hairs he has in his sideburns. It's refreshing. 

Saturday morning just disappeared and I don't have the slightest clue where she went, but I was excited for Pam and Wells's wedding and I think I started preparing at 5am. The ceremony was held outside within the Zilker Botanical Gardens where Pam and her bridesmaids looked stunning. I'm not going to lie... I was sobbing at the ceremony. I'm not sure I've ever met two people more suiting for each other. Additionally, Wells ruined every mascara'ed eye in the house with his eloquent and emotional delivery of his loving vows. Ugh, I'm getting emotional just now reliving it. I feel so honored to be able to participate in their union and wish them a long and loving future, which they'll surely have.  Even sweeter, Mayor Lee Leffingwell proclaimed November 5th as officially Pamela and Wells Dunbar day in Austin. How cute is that!

Father of the bride.

Ladies in waiting.

After the ceremony, we caravanned over to The Dunbar's house for a lovely, intimate reception. All of last week's hard work hanging lights, fluffing up paper pom-pom decorations, and arranging bouquets  paid off because their home and backyard looked beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Dunbar

My wedding date for the evening was Audra, who looked lovely! We've decided to move to Connecticut, have a civil union ceremony, and adopt a Zimbabwean baby. We spent most of our night munching down on churros, queso, and tacos with Jamie, her BF Brandon, Jillian, and my old college friend Ruben! I was so excited to see Ruben. He, Pam, and I lived in the same dormitory in college and back then we didn't get in nearly as much trouble as we should/could have.

Brandon and Jamie
With Ruben. Accidental color coordination WIN!

Cutting the cake like sweethearts; only dollops
of icing on the noses!

Sade Kiss of Life first dance

My favorite part of the night, besides the cream-filled churros, was the dance floor! Why is dancing so much fun?! Originally, I was afraid I wouldn't get to dance very much without a male date, but low and behold I was very, very wrong. We danced in a train that travelled around the house and backyard, between parallel Soul Train lines, and in the center of a requisite booty circle. It was a blast! However, when En Vogue's Free Your Mind played the dance floor turned into diva karaoke. God I had so much fun reliving those singing diva college days with Pam and Rueben. I'm a little terrified to see photos of the faces I might have made while belting out the lyrics.

I couldn't have imagined a better wedding for my sweet Pammy. She's the first of my besties to get married. While I technically caught the bouquet, it looks like Jillian will be reaping the bouquet-catching-marriage-planning magic as the bouquet was intended for her hands. Best of luck Jillian!

With Pam in dress #2

I'm gonna miss our single gal hijinx!

Sunday morning I skipped out of ballet with Gina and went over to the Emilaurison legacy house for breakfast with the girls. I brought the pork and mimosas and Alison made delicious impromptu enchilada eggs. It was really great to have some girly time with my favorite house full of ladies. Stayten, Julia, and I continued with the festivities until 4pm while Alison actually took care of her business and did some school work. As always, I start the week feeling fortunate to have such wonderful girl friends!

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