Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pish, Posh, Cheerio

What a week so far!

Last night I had some ladies over for delicious pot-lucked soul food and Waiting to Exhale. It was the first time watching for Jamie and Julia and it was a great refresher for the rest of us gals. I think Angela Basset must be my spirit actress because I got goosebumps in damn-near every scene of hers. Letty had the brilliant idea of doing a reenactment of the famed fire scene (following below) with each of us playing a different section. I called dibs on the cigarette lighting portion and am pretty pumped.

Today has been a stressful work day preparing for a week off  and yet I still blog! Grants, appointments, editorial decisions..... oh my! It has kind of put a rushed damper on my London prep, but I only have myself to blame. I'll have to do some last minute work remote tomorrow before I can truly start my vacation.

Yippy, yankee, cheerio! I'm skipping the pond tomorrow and am going to eat so many vinegary things that my lips will burn for weeks afterwards. I'm pretty darn excited even though I have yet to check into my flight or pack a single thing. Tonight I will be packing and making the rounds of my beer farewells to Julia, Stayten, Beth, and Cara. I wonder if I can fit JJ in too?! I wish I could get one day of pre-relaxation before the holiday hubbub but alas....

Happy Thanksgiving my lovelies and I will see you in a week!

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