Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oy, Bugger!

I'm halfway packed for my trip to London tomorrow and I don't have the patience to finish the job. So instead, I've decided to transcribe some of the 9+ lists I made for myself to help this job along. From now on I'm not going to pretend that my level of organization is directly proportional to the number of lists I create. I think it just fuels my anxiety and procrastination.

List for cat sitter (Jamie):
-The cats can eat as much as they want whenever they want. They're their own bosses.
-They can have as many treats as you want to give them. They're already overweight.
-The litter box is bullshit! I bought the wrong model while I was high. Here are the instructions on how to "rake" it should you feel the need.
-Make yourself at home and have as much gin, frozen pizza, boxed mac & cheese, and bubble baths as you'd like.
-Drink some of my fancy $80 tea.
-A boy that kind of looks like Ryan Gosling should be stopping by to pick up an item I've left for him on my patio. If you see/hear him it's okay and he's not robbing us.
-I love you!

List of items for my cary-on:
-Ambien, Xanex, and/or both.
-Neck pillow
-3 bottles of booze (1 ounce bottles in a plastic baggie)
-E cig

Don't leave without:
-Putting fogger out for Stephen
-Putting charger out for bug guy
-Returning Eric's rap cassette
-Setting "Out of Office" email
-Washing hair
-Learning how to turn off the phone part of my phone
-Calling my bank

Things I wish I had more time for:
-Finish reading East of Eden
-Wash hair
-Stock my house with sweet little surprises for cat sitter
-A nice farewell happy hour with Cara, JJ, Stayten, Audra, Julia, Jamie, Alison, Pam, Emily J., Lela, Gina ...... Why does leaving for one week make me feel like I'll never seen my favorites again?! I only had time for 2 beers with Matt and Beth.
-Making extra money so I could spend more in London

Don't forget to pack:
-8 pairs of panties (day and night with extras for "accidents")
-Shiner for Chad
-Thanksgiving dress
-E cig

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