Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Tricks, Just Treats

I guess I had a typical Halloween without it being anything like my typical Halloweens. I didn't dress up or go out, yet I still got some candy and played with some spookiness.

Last night I drank porch beers with Eric and Pig before heading out on a cemetery adventure. Here's a photo of Pig. She's super adorable:

That'll do, Pig.

We walked to Bethany Cemetery with some beers and poked around at the graves. My favorite headstone was a man's named Floyd who is at "rest in Jesus." He died at age 27 and his grave is over 100 years old. It blew my mind how old some the the headstones were. I know people lived, died, and were buried in Austin, but it's hard to imagine Victorian hipsters roaming this town with fixed-geared, horse-drawn carriages.

We didn't go trick or treating, but while walking up Springdale we stopped off to grab some candy from an old man who was doing some Halloween porch sitting. I, of course, ate all my Gobstoppers immediately without fear of breaking a tooth!

Our second stop was a hidden little cemetery up the street from Eric's house. It was small with few headstones, but perhaps my favorite cemetery of all time. The burial sites were outlined in petite solar powered lights; as if the dead shouldn't be in the dark. I loved it and want to get one for Karen's gravesite. It made me feel warm inside thinking of always having a light on for someone dead.

Afterwards we ate some soup. Soup is my favorite food! It doesn't feel like food to me, but rather a grandmother's hug. Also, I was pretty impressed with the soup. I don't know very many guys that cook, let alone do it well.

I also snuggled a stray kitten I named Mischa. I knew I shouldn't take her home, but I really wanted to. She didn't follow us as we walked away, so that was my way of leaving the choice up to "fate".

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