Friday, November 4, 2011

Farewell Friday

This week has passed so quickly I feel like I have whiplash! I didn't spend a single night at my house this week between Halloween, ladies night at Carrie's, lady/baby date turned laundry night, and the floral wedding preparation last night at Pamela's. All I want to do is say farewell to the Friday Funday mentality and spend a night at home! So, that's the plan.

I've made a very long list of the things I want to do tonight including:

  • Total fall cleaning: every room, every surface; spick, span, and organized.
  • Rearrange and redesign my furniture layout and artwork. 
  • Paint my finger and toe nails. 
  • Wax my legs! This is probably the most shocking thing on my list. I don't shave my legs and haven't since I was a tween. I have the sweetest, blond, baby hair and have never worried about it, but occasionally I get that wild hair that makes me want to wax the gams. So.... tonight is the night!
  • Drink many, many beers while listening to records in my panties!
  • Make a list of the packages I'm expecting to be delivered. I've gone a little overboard with pre-Christmas shopping this month. I'd like to go ahead and place the blame on Pintrest, but I have found so many great things for all of my favorite people that I've lost track of what should be coming in the mail.
  • Turn an old wicker trunk into a hiding place for the cats' liter box. I actually just ordered an electronic liter box online that should have been delivered this afternoon! I'm tired of naughty Boris thinking outside the box (i.e. shitting just 4 inches outside of his liter box!)
  • Wrap up the night with a nice bubble bath and finish reading East of Eden.

Have a nice weekend my lovelies! I have Pam and Wells's wedding tomorrow and won't be partaking in any of the Fun Fun Fun Fest activities, which surprisingly makes me happy. It should be beautiful!

Floral arrangements from last night. I love the
yellow pom poms called Billy Balls.

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