Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wish Me Luck, Buttercups

I'm losing my mind, y'all.

I think it would be fair to say that I have some control issues, and right now I don't feel like there is much in my control. I kind of feel in limbo: unable to move forward or plan accordingly until I know whether or not I'll be getting my "Cinderella" job in Philadelphia. Last night I looked at apartments and chose the area I'd like to live. I thought it would help calm my control-related stress, but it actually just made me more anxious. I keep looking at my calendars to plan events (camping, dates, ladies nights, and all the other over planning I do) and I just sort of draw a blank. Right now the only thing that is keeping me sane is thinking of upcoming birthdays and buying presents. I just bought way too many presents!

Here's my upcoming BDay calendar:
-Thursday, October 6: Shanelle. God, what I wouldn't do to be able to celebrate Shanelle's birthday with her over candlelight at Taco Bell?! Alas, I can't :( Why is Tennessee so far away?!
-Saturday, October  8: Roadhouse. I was supposed to be in Oakland for his birthday, but cancelled last month.
-Sunday, October 9: Megan. Fortunately I'll be in Houston and hope to see her and my lovely nieces Astrid and Willa. I'll also be meeting my niece Audrey Ella for the 1st time.
-Monday, October 10: Brad: Once again, I'll be in Houston and able to give him a birthday hug. He's easy to please and a birthday beer is all it takes!
-Tuesday, October 11: Madison and Emily O. I won't be able to see Emily on her actual birthday, but we're planning a Friday night karaoke session at Bernadette's. I just ordered her present and hope she likes it! Although, she just told me what she wanted and now I have some great ideas. There's still Christmas.
-Thursday, October 20- Alison: I have yet to hear about plans, but her present was also purchased today in my anxiety-ridden shopping spree. I hope whatever we do to celebrate involves s'mores.
October is full of birthdays, which means there was a lot of winter lovemaking!

I have my 2nd phone interview tomorrow and I'm terribly nervous. I'm even more nervous about how my weekend will go while I'm biting my nails wondering if I got the job. Wish me luck, buttercups!

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