Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekend Review

This past weekend was nice. Friday night we had a wonderful time celebrating Emily's birthday at Bernadette's, which is my new favorite bar. In all fairness, it was my old favorite bar as Airport Bar until the old black men who patronized the dive bar stopped letting me into their "private club facility" by attempting to charge a $15 cover charge at the door. Regardless of the new LGB status of Bernadette's, I think I will be having more beers there than they might anticipate. Especially since they have Friday karaoke nights.

Saturday the gals and I worked at the UT Club for the UT football game. The weather was lovely and the game was exciting. Afterwards Beth, Emily, Stayten, and I celebrated Room Service's 30th birthday. The entire store was 20% off, the Dos XX was free, Shad was hawking his wares and consoling me over my Mutter/Philadelphia job fail, and the cakes were amazing!

Each layer was a different flavor!

Bunny bathroom inspired cake

The skunk cake was my favorite!

Thank goodness Stayten was with us to help me decipher what some of the objects at Room Service were. I took this photo because I thought it was a ceramic cat covering up a nip slip with it's paws, which would be great for my Cat Nip Slip blog, but she clarified that it was a kangaroo with a little pouch to put your keys, coins, or matches in. Sheesh, I have a terrible eye for vintage!

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do Saturday night, as I typically don't make plans to do anything after working all day at the UT games. Wes and Gina had grilled some meats and we went over there to meet the new addition to their family, Uli the coon hound.

Uli is such a sweetheart!

Uli in her chair
I was finally able to eat some corn on the cobb without worrying about breaking any teeth. Oh, how I love my new strong and beautiful teeth. Beth and I were also practicing our red carpet, skinny poses and there were some good shots taken on Gina's camera.

nom nom

Skinny arms, pursed lips 

Overall, I had a lovely time Saturday night and was within a mile of my home the entire time! After GP's I met Stayten at Bar Fly's and was hit on pretty hardcore by a lesbian with braces. It was endearing, but I'm a man's lady.

I just couldn't get out of bed Sunday! I pulled a lazy, relaxing Sunday with some grocery shopping in preparation for Avan's southern potluck. I made some Paula Dean cheesy, fatty, goop that was delicious and finally found some BBQ that I love: Carolina pork! I had intended to go to Hole in the Wall for Wes's show with Devin and Salesman, but we wrapped up potluck at 10pm and all I wanted was a bubble bath, which was the perfect way to end my weekend.

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