Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week In Review

To say last week was exciting would be 50% lie and 50% truth. I had a big week of plans.... all of which kind of fell through and I ended up cozy at home with movies, beers, and kitty cats.

Monday: Woo Hoo, ladies night at the gun range as a farewell for Terra.... alas it was cancelled and I watched a shit load of Mary Tyler Moore at home alone.

Tuesday: Woo Hoo, ladies night at Cara's with Sex in the City, Lindsey, and electronic cigarettes... alas it was cancelled and I watched SNTC and smoked e cigs by myself.

Wednesday: Woo Hoo, date night... I anticipated this date to be cancelled because the previous two were. However, Mary-Oh came through and I had a lovely time. To be honest, I think I have a little bit of a crush and I want to kiss him on the reg (that's what the kids are saying instead of "with regularity"). We talked a lot and the entire time I kept thinking that it felt just like talking with by BBF (best boy friend) JJ, except with Mario I just wanted to shut him up with my kisses.

Thursday: Woo Hoo, ladies night with Maria Bamford... alas Maria cancelled due to illness. As a consolation, I had a happy hour at Red House to celebrate that I didn't get the job in Philadelphia, but I won't be crying about it. My "glad you're staying in Austin because we love you" friends all kind of bailed and it was just JJ, Ashley, Avan, and Karen. The nice surprises, however, were when Esme, her mum, and Lari and her new English beau showed up.

Friday: Woo Hoo, Emily's birthday party at Bernadette's for karaoke... everything went perfectly last night! Jacob and I had our Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, Islands in the Stream duet, Emily looked radiant, everybody showed up as planned, and we closed down the bar. Since Alison, Julia, and Stayten live just across from Bernadette's we walked across Airport instead of driving. I thought it would be fun to run, even though there weren't any cars coming; you know, add some excitement. I started sprinting, my sexy wedges popped off my heels, and I tried running on my tip toes with shoes dangling. It didn't work, I fell in the middle of Airport Blvd, the contents of my purse spilled, I scraped up my knee, and tore holes in my $400 sexy jeans. It was divine!

Looking more like a blow-up doll than Dolly

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