Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday... What Day?!

I feel like the week is already escaping me and I'm not quite ready for what the weekend has to bring me. I'd like a bubble bath and a day free from adventure.

Tonight I will be playing Pam's sexy date at the Austin Chronicle's Best of party. She won Best Outcome from a Hairy Situation and I couldn't be more proud of her! Open bar at the Bob Bullock and some catch up time with one of my favorite friends. Our schedules have been so hectic that I haven't actually seen her in over a month. Also, I got warning that my hair better be did before her wedding; there's a no gray policy.

Tomorrow is Alison's 30th birthday (again). I love the precedent she is making, because I will be 30 for the next 5 years, myself. She's asked for pizza and I will be bringing "a friend" who I really have a bit of a crush on. It's silly, but once again my schedule has been so hectic and I just want to hang out with him again. Also, we'll see how he holds up with the besties.

This weekend is Pam's bachelorette party and I'm having some slight anxieties. I don't have a dress sexy enough, I don't have hoochie heels high enough.... and then I think, "Pam's a class act, no need to slut it up the standard 6th Street way." We're eating some sushi, doing some drinking, and hopefully dancing our asses off until 3am. I love that girl and I couldn't be happier for her to have found love with Wells. Oh yeah, I still need a wedding date so...

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