Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitties at Play

I saw this sign this weekend in the alleyways between E. 6th Street and 7th Street

Love, Rex

I thought it was very cute and took a photo (duh!). I'm going to have to make a similar sign for my neighborhood street as well!

The city has modified Red River in between 41st Street and 45th Street. Now there is only one lane traffic headed north and south instead of two lanes in both directions. I thought this was a nice improvement, as it accommodates for a new, roomy bike lane and a center turning lane. However, I witnessed what happens at 5pm on weekdays for the first time yesterday! Traffic gets backed up at the 45th Street light and people start loosing their minds. Normally, driver's loosing their minds has little effect on me, but the impatient ones decided to cut through my neighborhood via my street. They zoomed at speeds close to 35 mph, which is just way too fast on a neighborhood street. My sweet kitty Boris knows better than to go in the street, but he was afraid of the fast moving cars just from hanging out in our driveway. I can already foresee that this road remodel will result in some general grumpiness!

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