Saturday, October 15, 2011

Houston, Schmooston... A Photo Essay

Last weekend Beth and I travelled to Houston for a laundry list of things to do and see: wedding dresses,  mums, dads, new baby nieces, friends, and pregnant bellies at baby showers. It was a lovely and exhausting trip that started out trying on wedding dresses at BHLDN.

Gorgeous dress display at BHLDN

Playing dress up with Beth

I really liked this dress even with my thong
showing through. 

Playing a fake bride-to-be 

The real bride-to-be

It was a lot of fun eating macaroons and trying on $3,000 dresses with Beth. As the bride-to-be, I don't think she found what she was looking for, but we got a lot of great ideas. And who doesn't like telling lies about fake fiances and feeling pretty in lace?!

After BHLDN we had a delicious Vietnamese dinner with Lacey and Veronica followed by beers by the skyline.

Veronica, LD, Beth, Lacey

Veronica, LD, Beth (I feel very pretty here)

LD, Beth, Vero, Lacey

Saturday morning was spent with my mum before heading out to the Arlan baby shower. We're all very excited about Kourtney and Nick's special baby, she truly is a blessing to them and I can't wait to meet Ava. Afterwards, it was off to my sister's house to meet my lovely new niece Audrey Ella before heading out for a night out at Mamacita's.

Lola and Audrey

Mamacita's famous margaritas (with unknown
fatty in the background)

I didn't get to spend much time with my Dad, but we did go out to an early breakfast before Beth and I had brunch scheduled with our fathers. I love Richard, he's such a great man and I never get enough time drinking beers with him. We then parted ways in the pouring rain and ate brunch with our father's before heading home. 

Shannon, my father, and me

It was pouring all day Sunday and the rain made me so sleepy. I slept the entire ride back to Austin like a terrible co-pilot. It was a really nice trip and as I get older I find that I cherish my family more and more.

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