Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gush, Gush, Hush, Hush

Ugh, I can't even blog because my brain is stuck... I have a huge crush, y'all!

Surely, my recent blogs have proven that I've been dating, meeting fellas I like/dislike, feeling a little overwhelmed, and generally testing the waters for... something?  Well, I can't stop thinking about someone and am having a hard time feeling so smitten.

- Beth and Gina brought up the idea of this fella at Beer Lunch Friday while I was weighing the pros and cons of another fella. He sounded great on paper, but I didn't know who he was and didn't want to add another ball into my juggling mix.

-Friday night I "met" him at the Roky Erikson Halloween Bash at Antone's. I was trying to dress like a sexy Gallagher, but instead ended up looking like a trampy French boy. We had a blast! He danced on the bar, we made out by the dumpster (current favorite single lady trick borrowed from AT), he made fun of my moustache, Roky played Starry Eyes....

with Karen's friends Hulk Hogan and Macho Man

-Apparently we've met several times (more like 7) and I don't remember having even seen him, but he has my personality pin-pointed and called me out about being grumpy the last time we "met" because nobody was listening to my story at Matt and Beth's BBQ.

-I love his voice and just want to hear him talk, talk, talk... I couldn't stop staring at him this morning wile he was sleeping he's just so cute, cute, cute!

-I think he may just be the party man I've been looking for and not one of the Peter Pan's Neverneverland, party boys that seem to be the only thing available in Austin. He refuses to drive even after one beer and eagerly pays $20 for a cab. He has no qualms about missing out on a weekend night at the bar (even if it's a Halloween party holiday) just to stay home and watch a movie. He has a silly bacon wallet. I even like his band, which sounds ridiculous, but lately my pick up line has been "what's the name of your shitty band?!"

-I stayed the night at his house Friday (I was a good girl, mum!), met his adorable dog Pig, and fell in love with his kitty cat Maxine. It's such a turn on to have a guy that talks to his animals. We decided that Pig would eat spaghetti for breakfast and Maxine wanted chicken noodle soup. It's nice to be quirky and silly without fearing that the person you're with wants to stab you in the eye with an ice pick.

-We wanted to spend all day together Saturday, but I had to get my hair done (It looks amazing! Thanks, Pam) and work all day at the football game. We kept sending cute little text messages and all I wanted to do was see him again. He came over to my place last night and we just talk, talk, talked and made out... ugh, I'm just a silly little girl with a big crush.

-It's ridiculous, but I keep thinking, "since I've remembered meeting you we haven't spent a night apart and let's never, ever, again!" I'm having a hard time restraining myself because the sane me says not to rush in, but I want to rush, rush, rush. I'm actually really shocked that I didn't notice him before; he's super cute and I want to make him mine.

-He met Emily O. and I couldn't believe how wonderfully he got along with a total stranger. They were joking and chatting and cracking me up. It's so refreshing to meet someone who can socially hold their own even around new people.

Yuck, I'm making myself sick! I might have to take a blogging hiatus so I don't keep raving about Eric. Also, I just love his last name because it sounds like American royalty ala Kennedy. Okay, I'm going to call him right now and hopefully go watch some Dallas Cowboys vs. Philly Eagles action. I don't even know who to root for, but I'm definitely rooting for ME!!

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