Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Morning, Honey

The weather in Austin feels amazing right now. I slept with the window open and the cool breeze smelled great while I was snuggled deep under my covers. I hope these pre-fall temperatures stay around a while, but I will be a little pouty if I don't get one last summer beach day in.

My excitement about the possibility of moving to Philadelphia is fading. Now I'm just very anxious to either start packing and day dreaming or move on with my Austin plans. My nerves are also frazzled wondering if I'll hear back from Mutter early or late in the week. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please. I think this could be an excellent and exciting opportunity.

Last night Julia and I watched Cat Dancers as recommended by our lovely Vest Friend, Jamie. It was certainly interesting, but was slow paced and overall creepy. However, instead of drowning naked in a champagne bubble bath, I would now like to die by having my throat torn open by a white bengal tiger that calls me, "momma."

What will I be doing this weekend? I'm not quite sure. Beth and I had plans to attend the Webb Gallery opening in Waxahachie Sunday, and I was looking forward to that, but Beth's schedule changed. Laundry was the number one goal of mine and I was able to complete that last night. Emily J. and I will be beaching if the sun warms up and the Vest Friends have some acting and video recording to do. So, now what?! Looks like beers in the park with JJ napping and eating like homeless folks in this gorgeous weather. I'm in the mood for enchilladas!

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