Monday, October 3, 2011

Eagle, Schmeagle

In the highly competitive world of dream jobs, I've beat the competition and am now in the semi-finals. Round two puts me at 1 of 20 candidates with a telephone interview, conference call style, with the hiring board. I'm so nervous, I'm so excited, and I feel a little overwhelmed whereas before I had a win/win outlook on the future. I just have to remind myself that if I get this job I will be ecstatic, but if I don't get it I'm still a happy girl!

I'm afraid not getting this job might be my 2nd broken heart this year. The best advice I ever recived was from my mum. She always encouraged me to go for everything I wanted because the worst that could happen  was that I didn't get it and I was right back where I started. I applied to be Philly's Cinderella and I'm actually in the running, which is a little worse than if I had never applied and never felt the excitement of the potential. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts... I collect hair and this is the perfect job for me.

I have yet to tell my boss and will wait until the time I have an in-person interview. The odds of me getting the job still seem so low and I know his anxiety would sky rocket when it may not need to. I did some online hunting for apartments and it made me excited. I feel like I was looking for a change and until now have only been making cosmetic changes: tattoo, teeth, single... It would be pretty crappy to move to Philadelphia as winter begins just after spending a brutal summer here in Texas. It would be bitter back-to-back extreme seasons.

Philadelphia has been on my mind since January, and I've been seeing "signs" pushing me towards Philly since February. (which is about the time I started looking hard to interpret anything as a sign.) Well, I love the Dallas Mavericks and completely respect team/city sports pride, but I'm not so sure I can get behind the Philadelphia Eagles. At first I thought it was another sign, since my college mascot was an eagle, but last night my father told me Mike Vick played for the team... I'm not so sure I would want Mike Vick as a neighbor.

I interview on Wednesday, have a sexy sushi date later that night, and then spend the weekend in Houston for the much anticipated Arlan baby shower and to finally meet my new niece Audrey Ella. I really, really hope my weekend isn't spent on pins and needles wondering about the job. 

What would be sadder:
1. Getting an amazing job I've been accidently groomed for my entire life and having to leave all the people I care, love, and depend on so much?
2. Staying put with my amazing, loving, family of friends and have had two exciting weeks of my dream job nearly becoming a reality?
It still sounds like I haven't lost either way.


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