Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dream Catcher

I'm having oddly realistic dreams about mundane stuff. This makes for confusing memories and I feel stupid whenever I wonder what was real and what was a dream.

- Beth sold her car.
- The boss scheduled a conference with me regarding the spare panties I keep in my desk.
- I discovered that I had put a baby up for adoption without my knowledge.
- Roach infestation in the cat box.
- Cara and I went lesbo dancing and were recruited to be go go dancers in a cage.

- I'm afraid dead people from the Donner Party will haunt me.
- I cracked open a rotten black egg in the frying pan and vomited on top of it.
- Boris isn't properly grooming himself and it's grossing me out.
- The neighbor cat broke into my house and Cecilia had to initiate the intruder alert.
- I wrote four of the best pages of my "novel" last night at 3am.
- I'm happy, I'm having a good time, I like me, and I love my friends.


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