Monday, October 24, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys

I think I've gone boy crazy and here's my evidence list.

1. My date for Alison's birthday cancelled on me, for what could be considered the 4th time. He once cancelled a date that we didn't even have because he got the days of the week confused. We haven't touched base since Thursday and while he was at the top of my Boys, Boys, Boys list he has now fallen to the bottom. Uh oh, Mary-Oh!

2. Being stood up by a date might make a girl feel lost and lonely, but not this gal. For alas, my current kissing friend was at Alison's backyard bash and we had a little makeout sesh in the house. Strangely, as much as I like him, I think I've placed him in the "off limits" category so strongly that I don't see something long term coming from it. He's a great guy that I've always had a playful crush on and we both talked about not wanting significant others at this moment, so I think things are going nicely in the meantime. AND I now have a wedding date to Pam and Wells's marital milestone. (Unless Audra goes dateless and then I'll have to be her date)

3. I LOVE gay men!!!! Saturday was Pam's bachelorette party and we had a blast. Yes, we were those drunken girls, dressed up and hopping from one terrible 6th Street bar to another while dancing to any melody the DJ played and taking copious frou, frou girly shots. Shots, Shots, Shot, Shot, Shots!

Here was my favorite gay, who has inspired me to be a drag queen for Halloween:

Chandelier McGravy is my drag persona. I like classy gravies.

4. I had two first dates this weekend. (see #s 5 and 6 for details)

5. Ugh, Alex. He's a PhD musical composition student and trombone player. He smelled like bread. I had a nice time drinking beers with him and biking early Saturday morning and even agreed to a second date. He's an internet date dude, who called me out for cancelling on his internet date friend who is also a slightly unattractive trombone player. I think they probably dock their tromboners together and I won't be seeing Alex again. Hey buddy, who are you to call me out on not dating you friend?!

6. "Did you notice me, noticing you?" It's such a super lame thing to type, but it's what Desmond said. And, I'm completely comfortable typing his original, and therefore identifying name, because I think he's the perfect amount of "crazy" for me and I foresee too many dates in our future. One slightly douchey thing, however, is that he asked me out after noticing that my ex was dating someone else and therefore realized I was single. We had planned early beers Sunday morning and after a night of shots with the bachelorettes I cancelled. He texted me, "get out of bed and let me put beers and tacos in your belly." Oh, its so romantic y'all. We did some day drinking and I can't wait to hang out with him again.

7. Sunday I met sweet baby Truman Evans and held him for hours. I fell in love and think I only asked to babysit like 24 times. He's precious and relaxed and I couldn't imagine that child ever turning into a brat. Here's an adorable onsie he's going to eventually grow into:

Yes, that is a tiny bucket of KFC

Holding baby T-bone

8. Last night I forced Mark to kiss me while pretending to be engaged for a random stranger in town from Kentucky at a terrible computer programing convention. We finally set the date, April 9th. I don't know who the hell Mark is, but I met his brother whenever Gina and I were in New York. He's cute, but Gina said I would tear him up. Meaning... I'm much too much for his sweet little boy heart.

9. I threw a bone out to a ragged old punk rocker in the handicapped bathroom of Love Joys. It was actually kind of funny, but we shared a joint and a kiss.

10. BBC is back in town and I wonder if those initials are going to spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for me. We hung out for all of 30 minutes at the Pierced Arrows show, but it felt nice to be near him. He was outrageously bold for kissing me in such a public arena, which is nice to know that he's not afraid to "mark his territory." His shirt was super soft and I told him that it would be the one I'll steal to sleep in whenever I'm his GF and he goes on tour. We'll see..... I know this one is going to be trouble!

11. I know I'm a pretty rad chick, but I'm a little shocked by the dudes coming out of the woodwork and knocking on my door now that I'm single. (Now, that I'm single?! That sounds hilarious since I've been single for 8 months now, but I think it just set in a few weeks ago) I don't understand why there would be a line of available dudes and it's a little overwhelming for me. That being said, I have another first date on Wednesday with Rob. I've known Rob for a handful of years now and was excited when he asked me out a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm getting those first date second thoughts. We'll see... I may cancel and beg Letty to let me babysit Truman.

So bottom line, what I'm looking for right now:

Man, I LOVE Robyn

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