Monday, September 26, 2011

Working For the Weeekend

I woke up this morning thinking, "Thank goodness it's Sunday, because I'd hate to have to work today." Needless to say, once my brain came to it was a rude awakening. I had a wonderful weekend, y'all!

Friday night was psychedelic sleepover with Lela, Madison and Julia. Man, I had so much fun with those girls. We had snacks, dancing, giggles, and lots of Robyn videos. Madison awed me with her rapping skills and we crashed for the night while watching Amish Gone Wild. (Okay, that wasn't the name of the show, but it would have been better if it was.) I want sleepovers to be a quarterly event. The Vest Friends had one recently and I'm going to plan another ladies chaos camp-out for November. Girls, mark your calendars if you want to participate! The weekend of November 12th we'll camp, cook, and get catty!

Saturday started out with some much needed tacos and baby pool time. Julia made a friend out of the noisiest cat in Lela's neighborhood. He sat on one side of the chain link fence meowing for about 30 minutes before we grabbed him to join us.

Julia and Mr. Whiskertons

Adios, kitty!

I spent the remainder of my Saturday being lazy about the house. I missed out on Candice's birthday brunch, but still got to get my birthday wishes in at Beth's house later that evening. Lacey and Madilynne were in town for the day so I got to play with some of my favorite girls.

Monster cats with Mad Love

I wanted Lacey's teeth, and now I have them. We look even
more like sisters than before!

Playing kitty cats with Madilynne

Lacey and Madilynne

My boo was not frightened by my, "BOO!"

Gene Beam, LD, Lacey, Beth and Top Chico

Later that night Beth, Brittany, Lacey and I attempted to take a group photo with my camera timer set. Here's an animated GIF of the hyjinx:

Sunday was supposed to be another day in the sun with the girls, but a late night put us all out of the mood. Also, Madilynne didn't bring her swimmers and we couldn't very well have her pulling a hippy hollow on us. I had tacos with JJ instead, which then turned into beers and knife throwing! He bought some throwin' knives at the gun show and we had a blast chunking them at his coffee table for a few hours:

Throwin' Knives, Ninja!

This is the best round I threw: 5 out of 6

JJ was dog sitting Lily, his GF's pup. We
made sure she was quarantined in Happy Puppy
 Safety Place before playing Ninjas.

After Ninja School, I stopped in at Julia's to chillax and then we got the Blue Hanger call from Brittany, Beth, and Lacey. I hadn't been shopping at BH in a while, so I was certainly stoked. I found the general cute dresses, but Julia snagged a super cute red Frenchy-striped dress. Madilynne had fun too, which I didn't expect. Here she is playing cowgirl in some kiddo chaps we found:

Yee Haw

Julia and I nostalgically dined at Olive Garden, which was surprisingly perfect. The waitress was boxing up our leftovers and started to write on Julia's. I didn't understand why she was writing, so I said, "Her name is spelled, B-I-T..." The sweet girl actually started to write the 'B' before she realized I was joking. Whenever my doggy bag was being packed the waitress asked Julia how I spelled my name. I was certain she was going to spell it W-H-O-R-E, but went for the C-U-N.... instead. You can't take us anywhere!

Audra's  sketch comedy writing class had a show last night and all the Vest Friends came out in full support. She stole the show, by far, and it was pretty awesome to see her on stage. I'm very proud of her, and am starting to think I don't have what it takes to be the center of attention. I just like telling stories. I'll just have to get more practice in and make Audra teach me a few things. Afterwards we went out for celebratory drinks. I got to see Pam, Wells, and Jamie. Pam couldn't shut up with the compliments on my new teeth and I'll be honest, I didn't want her to. Time just always seems to fly by between our hang outs, but things always pick up where they leave off. That's the best thing about great friends. 

It was a great weekend and I think I actually got spend fun time with 80% of my friends, which is kind of rare. What's even more rare is that I got to do so without feeling exhausted or partied-out afterwards. So, it's Monday and once again there's another countdown to the weekend...

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