Monday, September 19, 2011

So, that was my weekend.....

It's Monday and this week feels hectic to me. I'm excited though, because it just means it will help to speed up the passing of September. I'm ready for fall and London!

I had a very mild weekend. Beth was in San Antonio so I watched her car and dog, Nigel. He was very well behaved and so was the Volkswagen.

Gina had free ACL passes and everyday we toyed with the idea of attending. I hate festivals; the people drive me nuts. Sure, there were a handful of bands that I would have really enjoyed seeing, but in a smaller, more convenient setting. I think Fun, Fun, Fun Fest is the only festival I've ever enjoyed and that was because both times I attended there was a "home base" to go to for a respite from the festival crowds. I won't actually be going this year because my favorite couple, Pam and Wells, will be getting married!!!

In more "Pam and Wells getting married" news, I am anxious to pin down a date for myself. It's a little nerve-racking getting an invitation and wanting to RSVP for a guest, without knowing who it will be in two months. Fortunately, since she's one of my close friends, I was just able to TBD and wait for an escort. Carrie has already kind of helped me with that. At Friday beer lunch last week she introduced me to Dan McMuscles and he offered to be my date. I find his muscles very sexy and fear they put him out of my league, but we'll see what happens. He's that type of handsome that doesn't have to be smart or nice or anything, because he's just too damn good looking. Refreshingly, he was nice and friendly so perhaps he doesn't know how handsome he is! Keep you posted....

I wasn't feeling very well Friday and had terrible arthritis pain in my left hip. Pam and I were supposed to have a lady date, but since we were both under the weather we rescheduled. I drank a beer at JJs and then headed to Julia's for a drink with her before loading up on pain meds and going to bed early.

Saturday was another ACL bust for Gina and I. I didn't want to move so much with my hip pain and she didn't want to navigate the crowds and event transportation. Emily J. and I had planned a beach day, but since it rained we had beers at The Grackle, watched the UT football game, and enjoyed the smell of rain. After parting for an hour we met up again at the Emilaurison legacy house where Aaron and AT hosted an outdoor showing of Raising Arizona, one of my all time favorite movies! It was a lot of fun and I got to see familiar faces that have been missing from my life lately. I also decided I'm in love with Emily J. I think she's awesome and I'm so glad she moved to Austin. (Emily J. sounds very elementary school for me, but how else can we tell my Emilies apart?!)

Vest Friends brunch on Sunday was cancelled, but that didn't stop Audra and I from having mimosas. Afterwards I took a short nap and then met Emily J., Dustin, and Maggie at Jacob's pool for some swimming. I feel like I have to soak up all the sun I can before the summer disappears and got a little pink. We wrapped up with avocado margaritas from Curra's and then a nightcap with Julia and Stayten. Stayten is another new girl in my lady friend circle and I really enjoy her. Last week she gave me 4 pairs of adorable shoes! This was such a luxury for me, because whenever you have big feet you rarely get to take advantage of the shoe swap/hand-me-down. I have a mental list of all the ladies in my life that share the same shoe size as me, but Stayton is at the top of it now since she works at Aldo and has a shoe collection that would rival my sweater collection.

So, that was my weekend.....

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