Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Updates

Karen, Julia, and I went to the 1 year anniversary of Bedpost Confessions on Thursday. I've had an interest in going for a while now and was looking forward to hearing some sexy stories as a means of living vicariously. Rumor had it the show was funny and I did laugh a few times, but overall I was very creeped out. Besides the fact that the show is run by a couple who are in an "open marriage," the entire room had the feel of a swinger's party. The 40+ year olds making out and rubbing each other while wearing tacky "club wear" from Marshall's didn't really help too much either. The most attractive and innocent looking girl of the group read the first chapter of her new book about being new to the underground sex party scene of New York, which bothered me even more. I've recently discovered, with the help of my current single status, that I'm not much of a sex-ish type person. Granted, I was an animal in my last relationship, but maybe my sexy river has dried up and my future as a spinster will suit me well. Anyhow, the best features of the night were the cheerleading squad The Queertasticks and a sexy ukulele player named Jessica Leigh. Here's a cheer video and the original Bessie Smith song that Ms. Leigh played on her uke. The tongue in cheek pervy lyrics really knocked my socks off!

Earlier in the week Beth took me to Callahan's for my first time. I've been dying to go there to see the baby chickens and talk to all the girls in the hen house. I also heard that they had miniature pigs, but those weren't there. They have pigeons!!!!! and I've decided that I can't wait any longer! I'm getting my sweet baby pidges after I built them a loft. JJ is going to help me, since I don't know much about wood crafting or designing a pigeon loft, but I've done the research and I only have space and resources enough for two birds. I always thought I had to wait until I owned a home, but after looking into sizes and specs, a nice little wall mounted loft in my side yard will be perfect.

Baby GOAT!

Gorgeous hen

This 'lil guy kept bobbing his head up and down.
I love him!

My pigeon plan is to go through the letters of the alphabet for their names. So, depending on the sex of my birds, my first two pigeons will have one of the following 'B' and 'C' names (my pigeon tattoo is my 1st so her name is Amelia): Beatrice, Bernadette, Byron, Bernard, Carrilon, Corrine, Celeste, Cordelia, or Carlton. I wonder if I will have enough pidges to make it to a 'Z' name

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