Friday, September 16, 2011

Lions and Laughter and Love!

Oh, how happy I am to be able to blog. It's not like I have brilliant thoughts to share, but yesterday I was at home all day with a non-functioning elbow. It hurt, it made me feel sad and lonely, and I wasn't even able to type about it in my blog. So, I just watched cat videos online all day while in my panties crying. I went to the doctor for some steroid shots and the elbow is at least moving now. Here's a photo of my beautiful homemade sling crafted from a gorgeous Indian scarf that was a gift from friend Beenu.

Is it wrong for me to say that I am so happy to be skinny! Shoot y'all, any one of you who saw me on the steroids knows how fat I was and how miserable I felt inside. It's not even like I'm skinnier than I was before the steroids, but I feel that way. Okay, enough of that. I don't want to promote unhealthy habits, which vanity will surely do. I'm just happy to be able to wear my favorite high-waisted green skirt again.

My grandpaw once said that he had ways of making people disappear. He was Italian and I have very good reason to believe his statement to be true, god rest his soul! Today..... ugh, today! Today, I wish my grandpaw was alive for more than just selfish reasons. I wish he was alive to rid this earth of someone who isn't good people. In the personal history of me, LD, I've never wished someone dead before. I've only put people in "dead to me" status. I don't think it's healthy hating someone this much! I must become a better person. And, more importantly, like Audra says, I'm in charge of the way I feel. I told JJ that I needed an emotional restraining order and he brilliantly reminded me that I would have to issue it to myself, since the emotions were mine.

I love my best friend, JJ. I think he reads my blog whenever he has time. Sometimes I'm hard on him for being a guy with "guy" thoughts whenever I'm a girl with "irrational female emotions." Today he stuck up for me. It wasn't in front of a crowd or over an intercom or to anybody's face, but it was something I didn't expect and thoroughly needed. This is the man who serves me beer and lets me sob on his couch without judgement, pretty much anytime without warning and I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world to have such an understanding man in my life. I love you JJ and thanks for being my best friend.

Last night I struggled with my elbow, but was still able to enjoy some lady/baby time with Cara and Posey. We had Thai for dinner (shit, I forgot to eat my leftovers for lunch today!) and watched more Sex in the City. Season 4 and I freakin' hate the way Carrie treats Aidan; just putting that out there. It's almost too hard to watch. Moving on, this is something that's easy to watch: a video of sweet Posey! Posey showed me a new trick where she roars like a lion and it melted my heart. Cara ran to pick up our Thai and I was alone with Po for a bit and tried to record her being adorable. It worked, but I didn't get the lion trick.

Tonight 3/4 of the Vest Friends went to Cap City to see Amy Schumer. Once again, I won free tickets to something that we had already decided to attend, so that worked out well. I had a blast! I still think that I kind of hate that female comics have to make sex/slut jokes, but we're not really all that different. It's a running joke that Julia, Jamie, and Audra are the slutty ones in Vest Friends and that I'm the racist. Racism isn't that much different than whore-dome; it gets laughs. I, however, am all talk and I think that would make my mother proud. I'm a little prudish and even waited 7+ weeks to do the nasty with my ex. We can't all be prudish, but at least I don't have any STDs. Amy Schumer, on the other hand, made a lot of AIDS jokes and they didn't seem too inappropriate. Here, watch this video:

Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day! It's Friday beer lunch, I have the possibility of getting free ACL tickets, and I have a lady date with Pam. Everybody's working for the weekend!

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