Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labored Weekend

I've become a lazy blogger, or perhaps just a busy person!

It's nice to be back in the office with agendas to complete and goals to meet. My 3-day weekend seemed like a little mini vacation. I did some much needed shopping, beach living, laughing, laundry, and money making. That's success to me!

Friday night Julia and I started strong with saki bombs; my personal favorite. We went to the Velveeta Room to take advantage of my free Out of Bounds tickets and watched Ramin Nazer. He's funny and we got to see some other funny comedy too. My favorite was a bit about a drunk girl vomiting while performing oral sex. Oh, and the comedian was a cutie, so of course drunken LD tried to flirt with him after the show. What was my line, you ask? "I'm bulimec, so I can puke on your cock anytime." Surprisingly, it was not a turn on and after telling me that I should get help to try to fix my problem he added, "that's why I never take home girls at a comedy club." Personally, I thought I was just a hoot for saying that, but I guess I understand why someone might not think it was hilarious. Regardless, I'm done with comedy shows for a while. The Vest Friends have done some good local research and now I'm ready to put it in action. Hey world, break out the glitter!!! (I don't know what that means but I thought it would sounds fun and fancy.)

Saturday was UT Football.... so I didn't do much of anything! I worked the football game with Karen, Emily, Beth, and Julia. Since that's a whole day sort of thing I didn't get to do much else, but cleaned up around the house in the morning. All 5 of us were exhausted afterwards and the plan to meet the ladies for drinks after work didn't pan out. I grabbed some beers, went back to Julia's with Emily, and had nice girl talk until we all started nodding off to sleep. I've missed Emily and it's nice to see her back in town. She's doing some soul-searching, which I have so much respect for. I think every now and then we've got to clear out and clean up our lives so we can get to know ourselves better. She'll be here this upcoming weekend, so I'm looking forward to some more girl time with her.

Sunday was my beach day! Sam, Adrienne, Jacob, McVay, Ryan, Kristin, and I spent the day on the Colorado River. I ate a baked good from a stranger: Fruity Pebble style Rice Krispies treat. I ate the entire thing without knowing it was "magical." I guess that's why you don't take candy from a stranger. I was just fine, but felt a little stupid for not thinking before I accepted food from a stranger. After the beach Jacob and I ate burgers at Hop Doddy, which is the most delicious burger place in Austin! The wait is always kind of long, but certainly worth it. I had the greek burger and ate the whole, freakin' thing! Yumm

Alison and I were supposed to do something fun Sunday evening to celebrate our Labor Day off, but after the burgers, beers, and all day in the sun I was exhausted. Jacob and I stopped off for a beer with AT, JJ, and their lovers so I at least got a little bit of AT & me time.

I did some major shopping this weekend and bought a fancy set of expensive sheets and a new pair of black flats. The sheets are the best purchase I've made in a long time! They're wonderful! I usually ask my mum to buy me sheets for Christmas, but I just couldn't wait until then. Sleeping on fresh, luxury sheets with the windows open last night was divine. Hopefully the weather will stay cool and breezy so I can have another perfect night's sleep tonight.

Yesterday I spent the day with Julia and Gravy at Lela's house. I did my laundry and watched decadent television while keeping Lela's kitty Gravy from being lonely. She's such a sweet kitty! She would come running into the living room, plop down on the ground, and roll around so we could rub her belly. She took a lot of time to get comfortable around Julia and I, but I'm so happy she did because now I can walk right up to her and plant a nice snuggle on her kitty cat face.

So, the most exciting part of my 3 day weekend was The Jersey Shore. I have never seen an episode, nor did I desire too. Julia didn't insist that I watch it and I didn't put up a fight, but I think it's an absolutely ridiculous show. The girls get drunk and fight. The guys get drunk and fight. That's all they do! Anyhow, I nearly peed myself whenever I saw this:

Also, Julia told me that the Jersey kids had an entire segment on Italian pigeons so that made me very happy.

Tonight is birthday bingo with Jessica! Yay, happy birthday Jessica!

I just talked to my mum and dad on the phone and my dad is going to let me use his travel rewards to buy a ticket to England! I'm very excited. So, I get to see good 'ole Chad and cousin Kat. I wanted to get away by myself, so this should be safe at independent at the same time. Cheers, mates!

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