Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Always Sunny....

Maybe sometimes we just need an exit plan whether or not we ever have to use it, but I'm strongly sticking with Philadelphia as my exit plan-city.

It's strange that things keep coming up Philly in my life. It feels like more than coincidence that whenever I'm weighing my options on whether or not I should move each time something happens to throw my soul in a tizzy, that all the little things I notice scream Philadelphia. For example, this is the tag of the skirt I pulled out of my closet to wear today:

Also, the Mutter Museum posted this video on their Facebook page today and I applied for a job as a grant/finance assistant. The position is no longer posted on their website, so that is either a good or bad sign (or perhaps no sign at all!) However, if I get a position there, I wouldn't think twice about waking up to Philly mornings:

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