Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love My New Teeth

I think I've smiled more in the last 24 hours than I have in the last 24 years! Yesterday I had a very big dentist appointment and have the 1st set of my new teeth. These are temporary, but the permanent crowns will be placed in October and will look pretty much the same. Many of my friends have expressed that my teeth didn't look so awful before, but I also don't think anybody examined them quite as much as I did. I think in the photograph below you will see truly how unattractive my smile was before and understand better why I tried to hide my teeth. So, without further adieu:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am please to present you before and after photographs of my teef!



The appointment took about 3 hours and was pretty painful. Even today my upper lip is swollen and the inside of my lip feels raw and sore. I'd do it all again though and am trying very hard to get used to smiling. I think it will take a few weeks, but hopefully the smiles will be unlimited from here on out.

Here are some more before and after pics:

BEFORE smile

AFTER smile

Drs. Lessner and Hopkins are truly amazing dentists. This has been 3 years in the works and they have been so kind, patient, and understanding throughout the entire process. I think Dr. Lessner was actually more excited to do the cosmetic work than I was. Dr. Hopkins is a lady friend of mine too, but I would recommend their practice regardless of that fact. I first saw her with more dentist fear and anxiety than you can imagine and was certain dentures were my only option. Not only have they saved all of my teeth (2 broken molars, 4 root canals, and several standard fillings), but I actually feel pretty! Thank you so much Central Austin Dental!


Ed said...

You look great! You should be grateful to them. It only took you 3 hours to achieve those healthier-looking teeth. Good thing you were able to undergo those procedures.

Ed Mcgoldrick

Calandra said...

Good thing you consulted a dentist about your teeth! An underbite can cause major problems to your teeth and jaw. It can increase the chances of having cavities or tooth decay; it can even interfere with your speech. Just curious, did the dentist say what caused the underbite? Some people get it from thumb-sucking in their childhood, and some are hereditary.

@Calandra Janocha

Lauren Darcy said...

Hi Calandra, thanks for the kind words!

The underbite was the least of our concerns and was not discussed/examined fully. I had braces for several years and sucked my thumb until my teens, which likely caused the underbite. The health of my teeth was the primary concern as I had extensive tooth decay due to Sjorgren's Syndrome and aged/failing previous dental work. I still can't stop smiling with these new pearly whites!

Darren Heist said...

Your smile looks great! It is a good thing that you found yourself a good dentist that could handle your teeth problem very well. Even though the dental procedure you went through was painful and had an after-effect on your lips and tongue, the outcome is certainly great! Have you already got the permanent crowns on? Hope you post some pictures of them here.

@ Darren Heist

Roslyn Petermann said...
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Bettye Primm said...

WOW! Look at your temporary teeth; you can clearly see the big improvement. You look even more beautiful with your new teeth. I’m pretty sure it had built your confidence a lot to smile more frequently than usual. Be sure to take care of them as you would with regular teeth.

>Bettye Primm