Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Photo Free-For-All

I'm in a great mood! Today is Friday and I love the weekends.

My week has been great, besides being stood up by Loretta Lynn last night. Things turned out nicely after all. I had my 1st second date and got to 3rd base. I've been such a prudish gal since I've been single, so a heavy petting make out sesh was well deserved and much appreciated. Enough about that let's look at some picutres....

This is Lady Gaga in a hat made from pigeon wings!

The last time I was at Cara's house I sat down on her lovely porch bench that her hubby gave her as a Mother's Day gift. It was a bit dusty and I noticed an adorable Posey paw print in the dust film that I didn't want to smudge with my butt. Whenever I stood up I noticed I disgraced her bench with an ass print. Take a looksie:

Lovely Bench

Posey paw print! Super Cute

Hoochie shorts butt print!

Photo Free For All; it's madness!!! Take a look at these

Courtesy of Veronica. I couldn't agree more.

Wouldn't this make a lovely tattoo?!

My mum's parents. Grandpaw won this girl's heart for life!

For hilarious and ridiculous reasons, it seems like every single Robyn song makes my yum yum bounce and "speaks" to me. This one reminds me of my ex, What'sHisLame.

Woot, toot, I'm ready to have a hoot! Tonight is ladies magical sleepover and my sweet darlin' Madilynne and Lacey come into town tomorrow. Sam and Adrienne have a house warming party, there's a BBQ with the Ruttergardners, and Audra's first comedy show. I can't wait!!!

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