Friday, September 2, 2011

Beer Lunch Friday!

My office desk has a bug infestation of some sort and it grosses me out! I have seen little red bugs walking on the top of my desk and I even found one crawling on my arm. It's disgusting. I feel paranoid and itchy just sitting at my desk. There is a string, tie belt on my dress and the dangly part just tickled my knee and my first reaction was to freak-out because I thought it was a creepy crawly. I called pest control and they came out with some "bait," but that hasn't really changed the situation yet. I collected some of the little guys and put them in a jar to give to pest control to help eradicate them, but the Bug Man had never seen anything like them before. He's going to look at them under a microscope, identify them, do some research, and then try to kill them. I want a new desk!!

Last night the coffee shop boy paid me a compliment and I paid him a big tip. I'm a sucker for people telling me that they like my freckles!

I cried at my dentist appointment yesterday, y'all. I just can't believe that I'm going to have a new smile. As the weeks have grown closer to this moment, I've become even more paranoid about my teeth. On my date the other night the dude starting talking about how he thought flossing your teeth was the key to overall health. The first place my brain went was "you're calling me ugly, fat, unhealthy, and saying I have bad teeth?!" So, for those of you interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures: Yesterday a mold was taken of my mouth and sent off to the lab. The lab will create wax castings of 3 different potential styles of teeth that my dentist picked out. In two weeks I go back, try on the wax teeth, pick out the ones I want, and the dentist then does all the terrible drilling and prep work that makes my stomach cringe to think about. At that appointment I'll get temporary crowns to create a temporary smile that will still be prettier than my current one, so that's exciting. Another two weeks later, in October, I take delivery of the new teeth. Oh guys, I just feel so happy inside. It's like an 11 year dream come true.

I'm beginning to find humor in my arthritis pain. The two joints in my body that hurt the most are in my index fingers. How great is that?! The most painful part of my body is an itty bitty finger. Life is good. (Oh, but this shit does still hurt so...)

Last night Audra, Julia, and I watched Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting. This was the most refreshing comedy research I've done! We are sketch comedy girls!! I was getting nervous feeling like imrpov and stand-up weren't our things and wondering if sketch comedy might not be either. Alas, it totally is. Now, to just get the ball moving and schedule our first recording. I think the hardest part will be sitting in a room with the whole group and trying not to crack jokes and goof off, because that's the fun part!

Well, I feel like I have a hectic weekend coming up, but it's just because I have so many things I want to do. I really wish I had a car with all the running around and shopping I have planned. Saturday I'll be working at the football game, Sunday night I have a bowling date with the ex, and Monday I don't have a damn thing planned! I'm excited, but will have to make some sun time sometime.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

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