Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wow, I feel like the entire world is hugging me while wrapped up in an electric blanket in a hot tub! Except there's no risk of electrocution. I've never felt so warm and fuzzy as I currently do.

My interview with the Mutter went well yesterday. It turns out that I'm a great candidate and one of 40 individuals being interviewed. I will hear back next week on whether or not I've made it to the next round of interviews. I feel confident, but at the same time absolutely carefree. If I get the job I'm moving to Philadelphia with a positive outlook on a new life and the prettiest, biggest smile I've ever grinned. If I don't get the job, I'm still an Austin girl living a vibrant and vivacious fun-filled existence with amazing friends. Win/Win if you ask me.

So, for all of those readers out there who love my moody droning rants, I apologize. This girl is happy!

Last night I was in the mood to celebrate. Karen did an amazing job of getting me out of the "avoid the ex at all costs" rut I've been in. What it boils down to is that I won't be leaving Austin because of him and I can't spend anymore time in any part of my life focused on him. I avoid events and locations that I think he may be at regardless of how much I want to be there and last night I didn't do that. It was amazing! I've wasted too much time being a fool. So Karen, Carrie, Gina, Stayten, Emily J., and I had terrible, but free, Sailor Jerry's cocktails at Liberty's end of summer laua last night. I competed in (and lost) a hula hooping contest that made me feel like an excited little girl swimming in a pool full of grape Jell-O! I was soaring and felt like a million bucks. Carrie and I ended up staying out until last call with a chat-a-thon night cap at The Grand.

I'm happy! I love my amazing friends and myself and that's a really great place to be. I wish I had a Mary Tyler Moore-esque photo of me spinning around in the streets of Philly, but this will have to do:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Blog Look

I've got a new blog look to match the way I feel!
-new teeth
-potential new job and city of residence
-new feeling of total control.

Let me know if you hate/love the new layout.

Kiss, kiss my lovelies; today feels like a huge hug from the world!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Hair Raising Morning

This morning has been so intense!

I woke up at 3am to the sound of a demonic cat meowing. Cecilia and I were snuggling sweetly whenever we were both awakened. I still don't have a clue what was going on with Boris, but he was meowing for about 30 minutes with the most satanic sounding growl. Ceci was all poofed up and terrified of him; growling and hissing. He wouldn't stand up and was moving around like a soldier crawling on his belly. It was like he was possessed. I get so concerned about being medically melodramatic (hence my last trip to the ER because I didn't want to be overly dramatic, yet was severely dehydrated) that I called Lela to get some cat mum advice. After spending some time petting and brushing him he started purring and walking around. After I got him to drink some water I was pretty sure he was fine, but I still don't have a clue what was wrong. Nightmare? Demonic possession? Bad kitty cat gas?

I stayed awake until about 5am just crying and being so thankful that my sweet little kitty was going to be okay. He got lots of snuggles and now I'm a little worried he has discovered an excellent attention-grabbing trick. I always tell my cats two things:
       1. Never eat anything they find in the bathroom, even if it is a hamburger.
       2. If they ever left me I would cry forever.
Thank you Lela for letting my not feel like such a crazy nutz-o whenever Boris was possessed by a demon and offering to help should we needed to visit the kitty ER.

With my sleepy boy

About two weeks ago I applied for a job opportunity at an AMAZING museum:  The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. I first visited this museum in the 3rd grade to attend a distant relative's wedding and the reception was held within the museum of medical oddities. This sounds amazing to me now, but I'm still a little surprised since it was a very decadent and devoutly Catholic ceremony. Regardless, I fell in love with the wall of eyeballs and the jars full of faces. On my recent trip to Philly we weren't able to visit, but it is still my all time favorite museum.

This spring I decided Philly was my escape city should I need it and I've been applying for any "dream job" posted at the Mutter or Philadelphia Museum of Art. This morning, I got an email requesting a phone interview, which will be tomorrow morning. I'm dumbfounded! I can't believe I'm an actual candidate. I think it just goes to show you that you should make some lofty jumps every now and then just for the hell of it. To be honest, it sort of feels like Philadelphia is calling my bluff; giving me the opportunity to leave everything I said I wanted to abandon behind to start all over. My bluff has been called, the prospect of leaving Austin saddens me. I have too many people here I love and only one person I hate ;) which was the main reason I was looking for an exit strategy.

Well guys, wish me luck please! It would really be an amazing opportunity and I know I would never be able to pass it up, so it's pointless to consider the complications this early in the stage. I love every bit of Philadelphia I've seen, am living a more adventurous and confident life right now than I ever have, and all the people I love will be in my heart no matter where I live. And, the best part about this job opportunity is that I was able to reference my deep-rooted love and interest in the "collection of anthropological and medical specimens chronicling the history of man in my personal life by having a personal collection of human hair, not to rival to the Mutter's collection." Yes, you read that correctly! In my cover letter I told them I collected my own hair and I got an interview!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Working For the Weeekend

I woke up this morning thinking, "Thank goodness it's Sunday, because I'd hate to have to work today." Needless to say, once my brain came to it was a rude awakening. I had a wonderful weekend, y'all!

Friday night was psychedelic sleepover with Lela, Madison and Julia. Man, I had so much fun with those girls. We had snacks, dancing, giggles, and lots of Robyn videos. Madison awed me with her rapping skills and we crashed for the night while watching Amish Gone Wild. (Okay, that wasn't the name of the show, but it would have been better if it was.) I want sleepovers to be a quarterly event. The Vest Friends had one recently and I'm going to plan another ladies chaos camp-out for November. Girls, mark your calendars if you want to participate! The weekend of November 12th we'll camp, cook, and get catty!

Saturday started out with some much needed tacos and baby pool time. Julia made a friend out of the noisiest cat in Lela's neighborhood. He sat on one side of the chain link fence meowing for about 30 minutes before we grabbed him to join us.

Julia and Mr. Whiskertons

Adios, kitty!

I spent the remainder of my Saturday being lazy about the house. I missed out on Candice's birthday brunch, but still got to get my birthday wishes in at Beth's house later that evening. Lacey and Madilynne were in town for the day so I got to play with some of my favorite girls.

Monster cats with Mad Love

I wanted Lacey's teeth, and now I have them. We look even
more like sisters than before!

Playing kitty cats with Madilynne

Lacey and Madilynne

My boo was not frightened by my, "BOO!"

Gene Beam, LD, Lacey, Beth and Top Chico

Later that night Beth, Brittany, Lacey and I attempted to take a group photo with my camera timer set. Here's an animated GIF of the hyjinx:

Sunday was supposed to be another day in the sun with the girls, but a late night put us all out of the mood. Also, Madilynne didn't bring her swimmers and we couldn't very well have her pulling a hippy hollow on us. I had tacos with JJ instead, which then turned into beers and knife throwing! He bought some throwin' knives at the gun show and we had a blast chunking them at his coffee table for a few hours:

Throwin' Knives, Ninja!

This is the best round I threw: 5 out of 6

JJ was dog sitting Lily, his GF's pup. We
made sure she was quarantined in Happy Puppy
 Safety Place before playing Ninjas.

After Ninja School, I stopped in at Julia's to chillax and then we got the Blue Hanger call from Brittany, Beth, and Lacey. I hadn't been shopping at BH in a while, so I was certainly stoked. I found the general cute dresses, but Julia snagged a super cute red Frenchy-striped dress. Madilynne had fun too, which I didn't expect. Here she is playing cowgirl in some kiddo chaps we found:

Yee Haw

Julia and I nostalgically dined at Olive Garden, which was surprisingly perfect. The waitress was boxing up our leftovers and started to write on Julia's. I didn't understand why she was writing, so I said, "Her name is spelled, B-I-T..." The sweet girl actually started to write the 'B' before she realized I was joking. Whenever my doggy bag was being packed the waitress asked Julia how I spelled my name. I was certain she was going to spell it W-H-O-R-E, but went for the C-U-N.... instead. You can't take us anywhere!

Audra's  sketch comedy writing class had a show last night and all the Vest Friends came out in full support. She stole the show, by far, and it was pretty awesome to see her on stage. I'm very proud of her, and am starting to think I don't have what it takes to be the center of attention. I just like telling stories. I'll just have to get more practice in and make Audra teach me a few things. Afterwards we went out for celebratory drinks. I got to see Pam, Wells, and Jamie. Pam couldn't shut up with the compliments on my new teeth and I'll be honest, I didn't want her to. Time just always seems to fly by between our hang outs, but things always pick up where they leave off. That's the best thing about great friends. 

It was a great weekend and I think I actually got spend fun time with 80% of my friends, which is kind of rare. What's even more rare is that I got to do so without feeling exhausted or partied-out afterwards. So, it's Monday and once again there's another countdown to the weekend...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Photo Free-For-All

I'm in a great mood! Today is Friday and I love the weekends.

My week has been great, besides being stood up by Loretta Lynn last night. Things turned out nicely after all. I had my 1st second date and got to 3rd base. I've been such a prudish gal since I've been single, so a heavy petting make out sesh was well deserved and much appreciated. Enough about that let's look at some picutres....

This is Lady Gaga in a hat made from pigeon wings!

The last time I was at Cara's house I sat down on her lovely porch bench that her hubby gave her as a Mother's Day gift. It was a bit dusty and I noticed an adorable Posey paw print in the dust film that I didn't want to smudge with my butt. Whenever I stood up I noticed I disgraced her bench with an ass print. Take a looksie:

Lovely Bench

Posey paw print! Super Cute

Hoochie shorts butt print!

Photo Free For All; it's madness!!! Take a look at these

Courtesy of Veronica. I couldn't agree more.

Wouldn't this make a lovely tattoo?!

My mum's parents. Grandpaw won this girl's heart for life!

For hilarious and ridiculous reasons, it seems like every single Robyn song makes my yum yum bounce and "speaks" to me. This one reminds me of my ex, What'sHisLame.

Woot, toot, I'm ready to have a hoot! Tonight is ladies magical sleepover and my sweet darlin' Madilynne and Lacey come into town tomorrow. Sam and Adrienne have a house warming party, there's a BBQ with the Ruttergardners, and Audra's first comedy show. I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Love My New Teeth

I think I've smiled more in the last 24 hours than I have in the last 24 years! Yesterday I had a very big dentist appointment and have the 1st set of my new teeth. These are temporary, but the permanent crowns will be placed in October and will look pretty much the same. Many of my friends have expressed that my teeth didn't look so awful before, but I also don't think anybody examined them quite as much as I did. I think in the photograph below you will see truly how unattractive my smile was before and understand better why I tried to hide my teeth. So, without further adieu:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am please to present you before and after photographs of my teef!



The appointment took about 3 hours and was pretty painful. Even today my upper lip is swollen and the inside of my lip feels raw and sore. I'd do it all again though and am trying very hard to get used to smiling. I think it will take a few weeks, but hopefully the smiles will be unlimited from here on out.

Here are some more before and after pics:

BEFORE smile

AFTER smile

Drs. Lessner and Hopkins are truly amazing dentists. This has been 3 years in the works and they have been so kind, patient, and understanding throughout the entire process. I think Dr. Lessner was actually more excited to do the cosmetic work than I was. Dr. Hopkins is a lady friend of mine too, but I would recommend their practice regardless of that fact. I first saw her with more dentist fear and anxiety than you can imagine and was certain dentures were my only option. Not only have they saved all of my teeth (2 broken molars, 4 root canals, and several standard fillings), but I actually feel pretty! Thank you so much Central Austin Dental!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Action

I've got big plans for this week. Here's my weekly calendar in video form just for fun!

Tonight the Crack Pipes play at The Grand. I love going anywhere that is a 1 minute bike ride where I can play free pool, drink cheap beers, and listen to amazing music for free.

Tuesday, my True Blood ladies and I are going to see the new Alexander Skarsgard film, Straw Dogs. I'm very excited, because I find his deliciousness to be breathtaking!

Wednesday is JJ's GF's birthday. I really enjoy her and feel lucky to have been invited to her birthday happy hour. She's a very sweet girl and here is a hilarious cartoon the talented JJ made:

Thursay: There is no other! Ms. Loretta Lynn

Friday is ladies sleepover night! Wooot Toot, I can't wait to have a hoot! Here is the theme song for our night:

Saturday and Sunday are a mystery to me and that's just the way I like them to be. Enjoy your week, lovelies.

So, that was my weekend.....

It's Monday and this week feels hectic to me. I'm excited though, because it just means it will help to speed up the passing of September. I'm ready for fall and London!

I had a very mild weekend. Beth was in San Antonio so I watched her car and dog, Nigel. He was very well behaved and so was the Volkswagen.

Gina had free ACL passes and everyday we toyed with the idea of attending. I hate festivals; the people drive me nuts. Sure, there were a handful of bands that I would have really enjoyed seeing, but in a smaller, more convenient setting. I think Fun, Fun, Fun Fest is the only festival I've ever enjoyed and that was because both times I attended there was a "home base" to go to for a respite from the festival crowds. I won't actually be going this year because my favorite couple, Pam and Wells, will be getting married!!!

In more "Pam and Wells getting married" news, I am anxious to pin down a date for myself. It's a little nerve-racking getting an invitation and wanting to RSVP for a guest, without knowing who it will be in two months. Fortunately, since she's one of my close friends, I was just able to TBD and wait for an escort. Carrie has already kind of helped me with that. At Friday beer lunch last week she introduced me to Dan McMuscles and he offered to be my date. I find his muscles very sexy and fear they put him out of my league, but we'll see what happens. He's that type of handsome that doesn't have to be smart or nice or anything, because he's just too damn good looking. Refreshingly, he was nice and friendly so perhaps he doesn't know how handsome he is! Keep you posted....

I wasn't feeling very well Friday and had terrible arthritis pain in my left hip. Pam and I were supposed to have a lady date, but since we were both under the weather we rescheduled. I drank a beer at JJs and then headed to Julia's for a drink with her before loading up on pain meds and going to bed early.

Saturday was another ACL bust for Gina and I. I didn't want to move so much with my hip pain and she didn't want to navigate the crowds and event transportation. Emily J. and I had planned a beach day, but since it rained we had beers at The Grackle, watched the UT football game, and enjoyed the smell of rain. After parting for an hour we met up again at the Emilaurison legacy house where Aaron and AT hosted an outdoor showing of Raising Arizona, one of my all time favorite movies! It was a lot of fun and I got to see familiar faces that have been missing from my life lately. I also decided I'm in love with Emily J. I think she's awesome and I'm so glad she moved to Austin. (Emily J. sounds very elementary school for me, but how else can we tell my Emilies apart?!)

Vest Friends brunch on Sunday was cancelled, but that didn't stop Audra and I from having mimosas. Afterwards I took a short nap and then met Emily J., Dustin, and Maggie at Jacob's pool for some swimming. I feel like I have to soak up all the sun I can before the summer disappears and got a little pink. We wrapped up with avocado margaritas from Curra's and then a nightcap with Julia and Stayten. Stayten is another new girl in my lady friend circle and I really enjoy her. Last week she gave me 4 pairs of adorable shoes! This was such a luxury for me, because whenever you have big feet you rarely get to take advantage of the shoe swap/hand-me-down. I have a mental list of all the ladies in my life that share the same shoe size as me, but Stayton is at the top of it now since she works at Aldo and has a shoe collection that would rival my sweater collection.

So, that was my weekend.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lions and Laughter and Love!

Oh, how happy I am to be able to blog. It's not like I have brilliant thoughts to share, but yesterday I was at home all day with a non-functioning elbow. It hurt, it made me feel sad and lonely, and I wasn't even able to type about it in my blog. So, I just watched cat videos online all day while in my panties crying. I went to the doctor for some steroid shots and the elbow is at least moving now. Here's a photo of my beautiful homemade sling crafted from a gorgeous Indian scarf that was a gift from friend Beenu.

Is it wrong for me to say that I am so happy to be skinny! Shoot y'all, any one of you who saw me on the steroids knows how fat I was and how miserable I felt inside. It's not even like I'm skinnier than I was before the steroids, but I feel that way. Okay, enough of that. I don't want to promote unhealthy habits, which vanity will surely do. I'm just happy to be able to wear my favorite high-waisted green skirt again.

My grandpaw once said that he had ways of making people disappear. He was Italian and I have very good reason to believe his statement to be true, god rest his soul! Today..... ugh, today! Today, I wish my grandpaw was alive for more than just selfish reasons. I wish he was alive to rid this earth of someone who isn't good people. In the personal history of me, LD, I've never wished someone dead before. I've only put people in "dead to me" status. I don't think it's healthy hating someone this much! I must become a better person. And, more importantly, like Audra says, I'm in charge of the way I feel. I told JJ that I needed an emotional restraining order and he brilliantly reminded me that I would have to issue it to myself, since the emotions were mine.

I love my best friend, JJ. I think he reads my blog whenever he has time. Sometimes I'm hard on him for being a guy with "guy" thoughts whenever I'm a girl with "irrational female emotions." Today he stuck up for me. It wasn't in front of a crowd or over an intercom or to anybody's face, but it was something I didn't expect and thoroughly needed. This is the man who serves me beer and lets me sob on his couch without judgement, pretty much anytime without warning and I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world to have such an understanding man in my life. I love you JJ and thanks for being my best friend.

Last night I struggled with my elbow, but was still able to enjoy some lady/baby time with Cara and Posey. We had Thai for dinner (shit, I forgot to eat my leftovers for lunch today!) and watched more Sex in the City. Season 4 and I freakin' hate the way Carrie treats Aidan; just putting that out there. It's almost too hard to watch. Moving on, this is something that's easy to watch: a video of sweet Posey! Posey showed me a new trick where she roars like a lion and it melted my heart. Cara ran to pick up our Thai and I was alone with Po for a bit and tried to record her being adorable. It worked, but I didn't get the lion trick.

Tonight 3/4 of the Vest Friends went to Cap City to see Amy Schumer. Once again, I won free tickets to something that we had already decided to attend, so that worked out well. I had a blast! I still think that I kind of hate that female comics have to make sex/slut jokes, but we're not really all that different. It's a running joke that Julia, Jamie, and Audra are the slutty ones in Vest Friends and that I'm the racist. Racism isn't that much different than whore-dome; it gets laughs. I, however, am all talk and I think that would make my mother proud. I'm a little prudish and even waited 7+ weeks to do the nasty with my ex. We can't all be prudish, but at least I don't have any STDs. Amy Schumer, on the other hand, made a lot of AIDS jokes and they didn't seem too inappropriate. Here, watch this video:

Tomorrow is going to be a glorious day! It's Friday beer lunch, I have the possibility of getting free ACL tickets, and I have a lady date with Pam. Everybody's working for the weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Always Sunny....

Maybe sometimes we just need an exit plan whether or not we ever have to use it, but I'm strongly sticking with Philadelphia as my exit plan-city.

It's strange that things keep coming up Philly in my life. It feels like more than coincidence that whenever I'm weighing my options on whether or not I should move each time something happens to throw my soul in a tizzy, that all the little things I notice scream Philadelphia. For example, this is the tag of the skirt I pulled out of my closet to wear today:

Also, the Mutter Museum posted this video on their Facebook page today and I applied for a job as a grant/finance assistant. The position is no longer posted on their website, so that is either a good or bad sign (or perhaps no sign at all!) However, if I get a position there, I wouldn't think twice about waking up to Philly mornings:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mum told me to avoid the ugly cry...

It's just like nature: to already be having a bad day and for things to get worse.

This town isn't for me anymore. I'm ready for Philadelphia. Now, just to get all of my wonderful girlfriends to move with me!

A Lonely Monday

I felt sad yesterday. I feel sad right now. That's sad because I'm a very happy person with a very happy life. I had dreams last night that seemed too real and caused a lot of emotion in my heart. That used to happen all the time to me, but not so much anymore. At least insomnia is good for something; fewer nightmares.

So, here is a mopey list of my current mood:

-I want to sit on the couch in my house and just feel love; love for my home, love for the man I share it with, love for everything, the warm belly of my loving cat on my lap. And although I currently do that, there isn't someone to share it with and I absolutely despise that I yearn for that so much.

-It would be nice to have someone to just mope beside and to vent knowing they wouldn't judge me too harshly. Thank goodness for my amazing ladies! I loved watching TV at Lela's house with Julia in our comfy pants. It felt like old times in high school having a best friend that you did nothing with all the time. It's also really nice just going over to Beth's for a beer and watching her cook. I actually told Beth this weekend that I wish I had a little beer fridge at my friends' houses so I could just stop on by and know I'd have a cold beer waiting for me.

-I've been thinking about arranged marriages. I assume there would be money involved and therefore a contract, so I could easily include my Monday and Tuesday ladies nights, a small room to keep my collectables (hair, snail shells, pine cones) and whatever else I find important in that contract.

-This song is how my heart feels right now, at this very moment:

-When my soul feels restless, I just want to be alone at the beach, pool, or any body of water. Yesterday I napped by the pool an there was a pervy young guy just standing around the gates watching me. It made me feel nice and skinny.

Guess what guys, I feel better already! Writing and getting my emotions out of my mind (regardless of how unjustified or pathetic they might be) always makes me feel better.

So, tonight is True Blood night and I can't wait to have girly night with Madison, Lela, Julia, and Carrie. I'm in charge of dinner and will be making pasta and a feta dip I've wanted to try since Christmas.

Another point of cheer: I have the best jobs I could possibly have. I could leave the office right now and go swimming if I wanted to! But, alas, I do have a ton of work to do and will not skip out on that. Besides, I have tonight to play!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Updates

Karen, Julia, and I went to the 1 year anniversary of Bedpost Confessions on Thursday. I've had an interest in going for a while now and was looking forward to hearing some sexy stories as a means of living vicariously. Rumor had it the show was funny and I did laugh a few times, but overall I was very creeped out. Besides the fact that the show is run by a couple who are in an "open marriage," the entire room had the feel of a swinger's party. The 40+ year olds making out and rubbing each other while wearing tacky "club wear" from Marshall's didn't really help too much either. The most attractive and innocent looking girl of the group read the first chapter of her new book about being new to the underground sex party scene of New York, which bothered me even more. I've recently discovered, with the help of my current single status, that I'm not much of a sex-ish type person. Granted, I was an animal in my last relationship, but maybe my sexy river has dried up and my future as a spinster will suit me well. Anyhow, the best features of the night were the cheerleading squad The Queertasticks and a sexy ukulele player named Jessica Leigh. Here's a cheer video and the original Bessie Smith song that Ms. Leigh played on her uke. The tongue in cheek pervy lyrics really knocked my socks off!

Earlier in the week Beth took me to Callahan's for my first time. I've been dying to go there to see the baby chickens and talk to all the girls in the hen house. I also heard that they had miniature pigs, but those weren't there. They have pigeons!!!!! and I've decided that I can't wait any longer! I'm getting my sweet baby pidges after I built them a loft. JJ is going to help me, since I don't know much about wood crafting or designing a pigeon loft, but I've done the research and I only have space and resources enough for two birds. I always thought I had to wait until I owned a home, but after looking into sizes and specs, a nice little wall mounted loft in my side yard will be perfect.

Baby GOAT!

Gorgeous hen

This 'lil guy kept bobbing his head up and down.
I love him!

My pigeon plan is to go through the letters of the alphabet for their names. So, depending on the sex of my birds, my first two pigeons will have one of the following 'B' and 'C' names (my pigeon tattoo is my 1st so her name is Amelia): Beatrice, Bernadette, Byron, Bernard, Carrilon, Corrine, Celeste, Cordelia, or Carlton. I wonder if I will have enough pidges to make it to a 'Z' name

Get a Quick Word In

Sunday has brought me the craving of beans, cheese, and margaritas so I'm about to head out with Gene Beam for some Mexi, Mexi, yum, yum. Since it has been so long since I last blogged I thought I'd try to get a quick word in before...

I had another first date on Friday. This time it was internet Reid: a 31 year-old software engineer with great style, a bad band, and a distaste for my ex-BF (he brought this up on his own!). He's shorter than Tom Cruise, but as cute as Justin Theroux (I wouldn't have know this without Carrie's help!) We went to Buenos Aires, we both had the gnocchi, he paid, we had drinks after, I had a lovely time, and I hope there's a 2nd date. I remember just in May I went on the 1st first date I had ever had and now I have a handful under my belt. Dating is such a strange thing for me, but it doesn't feel terrible and I'm having a fun time meeting new people. However, I still don't know how I feel about internet dating. Dating from OkCupid is kind of like shopping at Ross; sure, you're buying name brand at a great price, but everything has an irregular fit.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

London Calling

I've slept two nights in a row in the most comfortable sheets I've ever known and it's heavenly! I'm also loving this Austin weather. After months of triple-digit temperatures it's nice to be able to open the windows at night and sleep soundly. However, this wind and wildfire smoke has done a number on my allergies. It's a price I'm willing to pay though.

In regular, old, boring, daily news:
I think I'm officially tired of dating! I had another first date planned for tonight with Jason, the English professor, but I cancelled it. Funny, all I want to do is go play with Gravy and watch some television with Julia while wearing comfy pants and drinking beer. My weeks seem so scheduled and planned, that it feels like Wednesdays are my only open nights and I don't want to be filling those up with awkward dates. So, I'm just gonna float where I am for the time being. I'm a great flirt; we'll just see who comes up in my day to day life!

I'm going to England!!!! Wow, I'm so excited and a little in shock. While on the phone with my mum and dad last night I mentioned wanting to go to England for Christmas. My dad said it was too expensive and I told him I had thought about going over to visit Chad for Thanksgiving and he immediately offered up 60,000 air miles. I bought the tickets this morning for less than $180! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, but in the last few years it's become bittersweet with the death of my favorite Thanksgiving friend, UT Football games that I have to work every other year, and a intermingling of social groups that involve my good friends and my ex. I was nervous about a potluck meal this year, who would host it, if I would be invited, and if he would be there.... this stops all of those anxieties. In honor of my excitement, I've created these prediction-photos of how much fun I will have over my Thanksgiving vacation.

Chad and me at the Royal Wedding

Playing "tourist" with Chad and some strange tourist

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labored Weekend

I've become a lazy blogger, or perhaps just a busy person!

It's nice to be back in the office with agendas to complete and goals to meet. My 3-day weekend seemed like a little mini vacation. I did some much needed shopping, beach living, laughing, laundry, and money making. That's success to me!

Friday night Julia and I started strong with saki bombs; my personal favorite. We went to the Velveeta Room to take advantage of my free Out of Bounds tickets and watched Ramin Nazer. He's funny and we got to see some other funny comedy too. My favorite was a bit about a drunk girl vomiting while performing oral sex. Oh, and the comedian was a cutie, so of course drunken LD tried to flirt with him after the show. What was my line, you ask? "I'm bulimec, so I can puke on your cock anytime." Surprisingly, it was not a turn on and after telling me that I should get help to try to fix my problem he added, "that's why I never take home girls at a comedy club." Personally, I thought I was just a hoot for saying that, but I guess I understand why someone might not think it was hilarious. Regardless, I'm done with comedy shows for a while. The Vest Friends have done some good local research and now I'm ready to put it in action. Hey world, break out the glitter!!! (I don't know what that means but I thought it would sounds fun and fancy.)

Saturday was UT Football.... so I didn't do much of anything! I worked the football game with Karen, Emily, Beth, and Julia. Since that's a whole day sort of thing I didn't get to do much else, but cleaned up around the house in the morning. All 5 of us were exhausted afterwards and the plan to meet the ladies for drinks after work didn't pan out. I grabbed some beers, went back to Julia's with Emily, and had nice girl talk until we all started nodding off to sleep. I've missed Emily and it's nice to see her back in town. She's doing some soul-searching, which I have so much respect for. I think every now and then we've got to clear out and clean up our lives so we can get to know ourselves better. She'll be here this upcoming weekend, so I'm looking forward to some more girl time with her.

Sunday was my beach day! Sam, Adrienne, Jacob, McVay, Ryan, Kristin, and I spent the day on the Colorado River. I ate a baked good from a stranger: Fruity Pebble style Rice Krispies treat. I ate the entire thing without knowing it was "magical." I guess that's why you don't take candy from a stranger. I was just fine, but felt a little stupid for not thinking before I accepted food from a stranger. After the beach Jacob and I ate burgers at Hop Doddy, which is the most delicious burger place in Austin! The wait is always kind of long, but certainly worth it. I had the greek burger and ate the whole, freakin' thing! Yumm

Alison and I were supposed to do something fun Sunday evening to celebrate our Labor Day off, but after the burgers, beers, and all day in the sun I was exhausted. Jacob and I stopped off for a beer with AT, JJ, and their lovers so I at least got a little bit of AT & me time.

I did some major shopping this weekend and bought a fancy set of expensive sheets and a new pair of black flats. The sheets are the best purchase I've made in a long time! They're wonderful! I usually ask my mum to buy me sheets for Christmas, but I just couldn't wait until then. Sleeping on fresh, luxury sheets with the windows open last night was divine. Hopefully the weather will stay cool and breezy so I can have another perfect night's sleep tonight.

Yesterday I spent the day with Julia and Gravy at Lela's house. I did my laundry and watched decadent television while keeping Lela's kitty Gravy from being lonely. She's such a sweet kitty! She would come running into the living room, plop down on the ground, and roll around so we could rub her belly. She took a lot of time to get comfortable around Julia and I, but I'm so happy she did because now I can walk right up to her and plant a nice snuggle on her kitty cat face.

So, the most exciting part of my 3 day weekend was The Jersey Shore. I have never seen an episode, nor did I desire too. Julia didn't insist that I watch it and I didn't put up a fight, but I think it's an absolutely ridiculous show. The girls get drunk and fight. The guys get drunk and fight. That's all they do! Anyhow, I nearly peed myself whenever I saw this:

Also, Julia told me that the Jersey kids had an entire segment on Italian pigeons so that made me very happy.

Tonight is birthday bingo with Jessica! Yay, happy birthday Jessica!

I just talked to my mum and dad on the phone and my dad is going to let me use his travel rewards to buy a ticket to England! I'm very excited. So, I get to see good 'ole Chad and cousin Kat. I wanted to get away by myself, so this should be safe at independent at the same time. Cheers, mates!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beer Lunch Friday!

My office desk has a bug infestation of some sort and it grosses me out! I have seen little red bugs walking on the top of my desk and I even found one crawling on my arm. It's disgusting. I feel paranoid and itchy just sitting at my desk. There is a string, tie belt on my dress and the dangly part just tickled my knee and my first reaction was to freak-out because I thought it was a creepy crawly. I called pest control and they came out with some "bait," but that hasn't really changed the situation yet. I collected some of the little guys and put them in a jar to give to pest control to help eradicate them, but the Bug Man had never seen anything like them before. He's going to look at them under a microscope, identify them, do some research, and then try to kill them. I want a new desk!!

Last night the coffee shop boy paid me a compliment and I paid him a big tip. I'm a sucker for people telling me that they like my freckles!

I cried at my dentist appointment yesterday, y'all. I just can't believe that I'm going to have a new smile. As the weeks have grown closer to this moment, I've become even more paranoid about my teeth. On my date the other night the dude starting talking about how he thought flossing your teeth was the key to overall health. The first place my brain went was "you're calling me ugly, fat, unhealthy, and saying I have bad teeth?!" So, for those of you interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures: Yesterday a mold was taken of my mouth and sent off to the lab. The lab will create wax castings of 3 different potential styles of teeth that my dentist picked out. In two weeks I go back, try on the wax teeth, pick out the ones I want, and the dentist then does all the terrible drilling and prep work that makes my stomach cringe to think about. At that appointment I'll get temporary crowns to create a temporary smile that will still be prettier than my current one, so that's exciting. Another two weeks later, in October, I take delivery of the new teeth. Oh guys, I just feel so happy inside. It's like an 11 year dream come true.

I'm beginning to find humor in my arthritis pain. The two joints in my body that hurt the most are in my index fingers. How great is that?! The most painful part of my body is an itty bitty finger. Life is good. (Oh, but this shit does still hurt so...)

Last night Audra, Julia, and I watched Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting. This was the most refreshing comedy research I've done! We are sketch comedy girls!! I was getting nervous feeling like imrpov and stand-up weren't our things and wondering if sketch comedy might not be either. Alas, it totally is. Now, to just get the ball moving and schedule our first recording. I think the hardest part will be sitting in a room with the whole group and trying not to crack jokes and goof off, because that's the fun part!

Well, I feel like I have a hectic weekend coming up, but it's just because I have so many things I want to do. I really wish I had a car with all the running around and shopping I have planned. Saturday I'll be working at the football game, Sunday night I have a bowling date with the ex, and Monday I don't have a damn thing planned! I'm excited, but will have to make some sun time sometime.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Lists

Yikes, I'm having a hard time streamlining my thoughts today and am feeling a little bloggy-shy; like I don't know how to start this one off or where it's headed.

So, how about a list of things I'd like to do this weekend:
-Drink many beers
-Swim in a body of water
-Go to some Out of Bounds shows
-Play with some of my besties that I haven't seen in a while
-Get and organize a new list book
-Go to Marshall's, Dollar General, HEB, and Target
-Buy the following items:

  1. New sheets
  2. Baby/Face wipes
  3. Deodorant
  4. Lotion
  5. Sparkling water
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Mascara
  8. Toilet paper
  9. A "one hitter" 
  10. Tea
  11. Loretta Lynn tickets
  12. Purse
  13. Cat liter

Here is a visual list of items I purchased today off Amazon:


Oh, how I love pay day. I've paid all my bills and now the rest is mine to play with.

So, last night I had a date. We both have normal names that we pronounce in exaggerated ways, so that's a little silly. I had a nice time and thought that I'd like to eat food with Mario and make out sometime, which is the same way Dr. Jeff made me feel. I still don't know how I feel about dating; maybe I'm just too self-involved at the moment. Maybe all I really need is the occasional dinner and kiss from a dreamy guy. Anyway, Mario is allergic to cats. I think that may be the biggest deal breaker I can think of.

Off to the dentist in 3 minutes to pick out my new teeth. I'm outrageously nervous!