Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Review (2 days late)

A warm welcome to the upcoming week, y'all! Boy, was it another hot weekend, but at least I did get to feel 2 raindrops on my face Sunday night.

So, where to start?! My original plan for this weekend was to travel to Galveston with Karen and live the life on the beach! I kept flaking and changing my mind, but ultimately I LOVE beaching: ice chest drinks, reading while sunbathing, beach towel naps, sand between your toes, new freckles being born each minute, living in the water.... ugh, it would have been so perfect for my mood, but I hadn't washed any laundry since June, was very tight on cash, and had some unresolved car accident stress still looming, so I passed to stay home in Austin.

Friday night I did laundry at JJ's. Audra came over to join us and Nancy rounded out the crew at the end of the night. Audra and I tried a little improv, which I've discovered I'm terrible at! Honestly, I'm pretty witty and quick on my feet so I though improv, as much as it annoys me, would be the perfect thing for me. NOPE! I froze up completely. It's too much acting, trying to figure out who your character is, and predicting their personality, responses, and ticks. I'm much better at just playing me! It was a fun experiment and I think I should take some improv classes to loosen up and get a better grasp on comedy acting.

Friday night Audra introduced me to 5 Second Films: http://5secondfilms.com/ This one with Patton Oswalt is hillarious, you've got to watch it!!! http://5secondfilms.com/watch/the_final_battle/

Another thing I learned Friday night, besides being terrible at improv, is that I'm not the cat whisperer I thought I was. For some reason I had it in my mind that I should clip the nails of Audra's kitty, Pee Wee. My cats love getting their nails trimmed and having learned all the nail trimming tricks from my cat lady mother, I've never looked at a strange cat as an unwilling subject. Poor Pee Wee didn't even want me to hold her, let alone flip her upside down onto my legs and clip her talons. It was a total Lauren FAIL!

Saturday was spent at the Colorado River beach and I was in heaven! Megan came from Houston with the dogs instead of my lovely nieces Astrid and Willa, but I was happy to see her nonetheless. We packed a big cooler of beer, sparkling water, Capri Sun (so refreshing for the kiddo at heart), cherries, and peaches. The police showed up while we were swimming, wrote some tickets to minors in possession of alcohol, and went through peoples' coolers illegally, I believe. We weren't harassed and just kept enjoying the sun and water. Poor Topo Chico's tiny legs couldn't touch the bottom, so JJ and Jacob built him this dam to stand on:

After the beach we had a tiny burger BBQ at Gina's with our beach buddies and then I went home to crash hard! The day of sun, beer, and heat got to me and I had a pounding headache. After napping for a few hours, I woke up in just enough time to go out and play, but decided to stay home instead.

Jessica and I were supposed to have a Sunday date in which we played Hoarders. I have too many clothes and she wanted to help me go through them and organize things to sell, keep, and give away. It sounds like fun, kind of, but I wasn't really feeling it. However, after waking up after a late evening nap Saturday, I started going through all of my clothes. I got a lot of things organized and my house looked great. As a result, I sold some things to Buffalo Sunday. I really hate selling things there because, although they are surely trained and more interested in fashion than I am, there's a total lack of consistency. They purchased an original Appetite For Destruction Guns and Roses shirt for $36.50, yet only wanted to pay $10 for a very expensive, very trendy pair of unworn wedges, which are currently selling on Ebay for $80. Needless to say, I'm saving those to sell online or at the Red 7 garage sale next weekend. Y'all come out and buy my stuff and Beth's great finds too! Facebook Invite- Red 7 Garage Sale. Hopefully Jessica and I can do some Hoarders this week to get ready for the garage sale. I'm pretty nervous about it, but it should be a blast and full of my friends, so c'mon out guys!!

After Buffalo I went to the Yellow Jacket for Ryan's birthday bike ride brunch. I skipped out on the bike riding part, but not the brunchy booze part. Here's a photo of Ryan with a Happy Birthday ribbon wrapped around his head gay Rambo style:

Sunday night was a blast! Alison and I have had sock hop plans for a month now and nothing was going to interfere. We got dressed at her house like old times whenever we were roommates. She pulled some amazing fashionista work by cutting a dress into an adorable mid-drift top for me. We looked amazing, which was good because we ran into my ex and his new GF. But more importantly, we danced our asses off and it felt great! I did some mild flirting with the DJ, who is friends with Cara and cute, but most likely unavailable, but what's the harm in having some innocent fun?! God, I wish I had some photos because Alison in her beachy halter crop-top and me with my poofy side pony were show stoppers. We had our photos taken for Tribeza and a mini interview where I stupidly goofed up my "interesting fact," so I'll have to snatch up those pics and post them here whenever they are posted. It was the perfect ending to the weekend!

PHOTO UPDATE: Here are the pictures from the Sock Hop. AT looks amazing and adorable! I, however, look chubby, but believe me I looked great that night with peak-a-bo tummy. I guess I need to learn how to smile and pose better!

Beach babe Alison

Dirty Keds!

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